Becoming The Change: Advocating to End the Stigma of Addiction

Presenters: Alyssa Brown, Lexie Leehan

Date: September 22, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Continuing Education: 1 CE Credit Availible

Event Summary

Becoming The Change: Advocating to End the Stigma of Addiction

This presentation will serve as a guide to educate addiction treatment and healthcare providers, as well as the general public on the stigmas associated with addiction, effects of those stigmas on those in recovery and those seeking recovery, and methods to reduce public, structural, and individual levels of the bias associated with addiction.


  1. Define addiction stigma: public, structural, & self-stigma
  2. Understand the effects of stigma
  3. Examine potential biases/assumptions
  4. Learn stigma prevention strategies

Our Speakers:

Lexie Leehan

Alyssa Brown 

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About The Presenters

Alyssa Brown

Alyssa Brown is a patient advocate at Lakeview Health and the creator of the new anti-stigma advocacy program. She’s currently a graduate student working to obtain her MSW at the University of North Florida. While studying to obtain her Bachelor of Psychology, she served as a research assistant in the Behavior and Addictions Lab at the University of Southern Mississippi. Ms. Brown found an interest in advocating an end to stigmas associated with addiction through her role as an assistant program director of the collegiate recovery community at USM, where she helped organize a study aimed to reduce the stigma of addiction in the community.

Lexie Leehan

Lexie Leehan, CRC is the Alumni and Aftercare Supervisor for Lakeview Health. As an alumna of the program, she truly understands what our patients go through while they are here and after they discharge. Originally from a small town in Northwest Pennsylvania, Lexie made the decision to make a transformative change of people, places and things, and come to Jacksonville, Florida to begin her journey in recovery. After completing treatment in January 2015, she went to a local sober living in Jacksonville and started engaging with our True North Alumni support groups and events. In 2017, Lakeview Health hired Lexie as the Aftercare Coordinator at the Rose knowing she would be able to use her personal experience to help other women. Lexie believes Lakeview Health gave her the knowledge and the tools she needed to stay sober, and says she feels honored to pay it forward to patients during their stay with us and afterwards as True North Alumni.