What are experiential and expressive therapies?
Lakeview provides both experiential and expressive therapies
Experiential and expressive therapies
integrating other therapy modalities is crucial to success and long-term recovery

While traditional talk therapy sessions are common in most rehab centers, integrating other therapy modalities is crucial to success and long-term recovery. Lakeview provides both experiential and expressive therapies for patients to gain a unique perspective and insight into their addiction. These alternative therapies allow patients to not only learn more about their addiction but also learn more about themselves. These new experiences and forms of expression are exceptional at teaching new skills and coping mechanisms for patients to utilize long after their time in treatment.

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Recreational therapy

This modality utilizes activities that support the spirit, body, and mind of the individual. Within the safe space of treatment, they are able to replace harmful substances with healthy coping mechanisms and activities after treatment.

Music therapy

When patients find it difficult to express their emotions, music therapy can be helpful. Through tempo, rhythm, and lyrics, patients are able to be introspective and become accustomed to expressing their feelings.

Art therapy

In cases where patients feel uncomfortable expressing themselves through verbal communication, art therapy provides a new avenue of connection. Patients can implement themes from their recovery into their artwork and use the activity to explore their thoughts, strengths, feelings, and methods of preventing relapse.

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Equine-assisted therapy

Participating in a series of exercises with our horses allows our patients to practice problem-solving techniques in a unique and safe environment. Because horses are known to mirror the emotions of those near them, patients have a unique insight into themselves.

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Surf therapy

This modality uses numerous metaphors that appear while individuals learn how to surf. They learn balance, patience, and self-confidence through a unique and exciting activity.

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