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First Responder and Veterans Group
We know what's on the line

Whether you are a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician—Americans count on you to be first on the scene and to keep us safe.

But who looks out for you?

We do. Our First Responder and Veterans Group includes the proven techniques Lakeview Health has been known for since 2001. We help professionals like you get well, and most importantly, get back to doing what you have committed your life to doing; saving lives.

What does that mean for you?

It means you return to functioning at peak performance, all in a discrete, anonymous and effective way.

Evidence-based Treatment

We created the First Responder and Veterans Group at Lakeview Health because we recognize that the motivations, challenges, and influences of our Nation’s Heroes are unique. Our mission is to help you return to the life and career that you worked so hard to create.

Communication strategies

While at Lakeview Health, you will learn healthier communication strategies to cope with the specific post traumatic stress first responders experience.

Professional boundaries

We will work with you to develop healthy boundaries and a sound plan for returning to the important job of protecting the people who need you the most.

Vocational impacts & relapse prevention

Our program teaches first responders about the unique risks and triggers that they face on the job. We also address how to identify and respond to these triggers using a relapse prevention plan.

Overall health & wellbeing

Lakeview Health will teach you how to utilize positive and healthy coping skills. While in treatment, you will also understand the importance of self-care and a sustained wellness plan.

Pain recovery

We will introduce you to non-addictive methods of pain management including physical therapy, a tailored exercise plan, an anti-inflammatory diet, and more.

Trauma programming

Our program specializes in treating post traumatic injury and related disorders that are daily occurrences in your line of work.

A day in the life

Our process starts with a call from a dedicated case manager who will work with your agency to coordinate FMLA and handle all necessary paperwork.

Every morning begins by focusing on your physical health in our Wellness Center—take a jog around the track, lift weights, attend a yoga lesson, or enjoy a rigorous swim.

Throughout the day you will meet with an interdisciplinary team of certified therapists, physicians, and psychiatrists—trained to support your specific needs individually and in group sessions.

At The Rose, our women’s facility, women have opportunities to socialize in shared spaces including our walking labyrinth and homey dining room. These interactions are key to helping women form bonds and practice self-care. The Star, our men’s facility, features many recreational areas including a sports-themed bistro to watch the big game in. These spaces were designed to help men participate in the social activities that they enjoy in real life without the use of substances.

When the day is done, you have a comfortable place to rest and recharge for the next day.

A history of excellence

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Lakeview Health has been helping first responders and others in safety-sensitive professions heal for over 20 years. Our referring partners include the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) program for professional pilots, professional sports associations, medical monitoring boards, and many others.

Many of our staff members are former or retired first responders themselves or have loved ones who have served. In addition to this first-hand knowledge, each member of our staff receives training on trauma informed care to better understand and support the needs of our patients.


“My goal is to give our First Responders and Veterans who are struggling a healing environment and a strategic plan for recovery. We accomplish this by using the most advanced treatments and physical therapy. The result is finding the personalized support that leads to real change. I’m proud of the integrative approach we bring to those impacted by daily trauma.”

Lantie Elisabeth Jorandby, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

U.S. Department of Veterans
Affairs Psychiatrist 2006-2014

A word-class team with you each step of the way

Our board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, and masters-level therapists work together to guide you from one milestone to the next.

After leaving Lakeview, our Alumni and Aftercare team ensures that you always know where to turn for support and encouragement. Our Alumni network spans the country and stays connected using our True North Alumni app, private Facebook page, as well as at virtual and in-person events. Our Aftercare team will work with you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of recommended next steps including follow-up care and resources in your area.

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