Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Professionals

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Professionals

The Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals Program at Lakeview Health is an addiction treatment program designed specifically for professionals, such as doctors, commercial airline pilots, lawyers, safety-sensitive occupations, and executives of all industries who happen to be seeking treatment for addiction. Like our Inpatient Rehab Program, the Professional Program occupies the level of care between our Detox and Residential Treatment programs and serves patients with alcohol and substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health disorders, and a history of trauma or post-traumatic stress.

Why a Program for Professionals?

group therapy taking place at an addiction treatment for professionals programProfessional occupations demand elevated levels of responsibility, accountability, and performance that separate them from other occupations. As a professional, you hold a license or official accreditation to do your job, you own a business, or you’re a member of your company’s executive leadership team. This often means that during a typical workday, you – a working professional – may have the lives, livelihood, and future of clients, customers, or complete strangers in your hands.

At Lakeview Health, we understand that’s no small thing: we can relate, because we’re professionals, too.

You’re probably a proud member of a professional organization with a special set of ethical and leadership guidelines, rigorous standards of practice, and regular requirements for career enrichment and skill development. You, your peers, and society at large hold you to a high standard because the decisions you make on the job have consequences that are disproportionately impactful when compared to other occupations. This default situation often leads to uncommonly high levels of stress and engenders a deep, internal obligation to appear in control, present a respectable public image, and handle everything that comes your way without showing weakness or emotion.

It’s not uncommon for professionals – partially due to the high standards associated with their chosen fields – to develop an alcohol or substance use disorder to handle the pressures of responsibility, smooth the edges of challenging workplace demands or simply help their brains shut down and get some sleep at the end of a long day filled with tough, consequential decisions. What starts as a pattern of unwinding or letting off steam turns into an addiction that can have serious personal and professional repercussions. We design our Professional Program with these factors in mind, and with the full knowledge that you’re busy, you have a lot on your plate, and people rely on you every day. We tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs, make you whole again, and allow you to return to full participation in your work, family, and social life.

Start Your New Life Free from Addiction

Taking the first step is tough. We understand what’s going through your mind as you consider checking yourself into rehab. We know what it’s like to be afraid of recovery and sobriety. To get started, provide your contact information below and one of our specialists will contact you within 30 minutes. They’ll help you begin the admission process, and answer any and all questions you might have – but you have to answer the phone when they call!

Daily Life in the Professional Program

In our Professional Program, you live on campus in semi-private rooms – men in The Star and women in The Rose – and receive at least six hours of structured therapy per day. Additional recovery groups, exercise, wellness activities, and social support meetings round out your schedule.

The day begins at 8:00 am, concludes at 9:00 pm, with lights out at 11:00 pm. You eat three delicious and nutritious meals per day in gender-specific dining rooms. Healthy snacks are available between meals.

You’ll participate in our Professional Treatment Series group – a sequence of group therapy sessions designed specifically for the modern professional. This series provides the opportunity to interact with others who may be able to relate to you, your story, and the issues common to professionals regardless of their area of expertise. Going through the rehab process with peers allows you to share openly in a non-judgmental environment, accept personal responsibility without defensiveness, and develop the tools for personal growth and self-awareness needed for successful recovery, sobriety, and ultimately, a safe return to work.

The Professional Treatment Series includes three group sessions per week over a period of six weeks. During these sessions, you’ll explore the following topics:

Professional Impairment

You’ll understand how addiction may have compromised your workplace performance, increase self-awareness around the personal and professional issues created by your addiction, review your professional principles and code of ethics, and learn healthy communication strategies to replace unhealthy patterns of communication associated with addiction.

Professional Boundaries

You’ll understand the importance of healthy workplace boundaries, examine past boundary issues if applicable, and develop a healthy boundary plan for your return to work.


You’ll understand the importance of a monitored accountability program and design an appropriate monitoring program for your return to work.

Vocational Impacts

You’ll identify the factors unique to your workplace that pose risks to your recovery and sustained sobriety, then develop a plan to navigate these risks when you return to work.

Relapse Prevention

You’ll learn to recognize triggers, define relapse warning signs, and identify patterns of behavior and thought that lead to relapse. You’ll learn to replace patterns of behavior and thought that lead to relapse with patterns of behavior and thought that encourage recovery.

Professional Health and Wellbeing

You’ll learn to value the positive effects of healthy coping skills and responsible self-care and develop a wellness plan that works for you, your personality, and your interests.

Treatment will also include one-on-one therapy, daily 12-step meetings, medical and psychiatric care, family therapy sessions (via phone), and an individualized combination of group sessions and integrative therapies including but not limited to:

  • Process groups
  • Psychoeducation groups
  • Expressive therapy groups
  • Specialty groups
  • Trauma group
  • Spirituality group
  • Life trauma group
  • Relapse prevention therapy group
  • Self-awareness therapy group
  • Team building and resilience group
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction group
  • Chronic Pain Recovery group

Gender-Responsive Treatment

Unique treatment for men and women with intentionally designed environments, curriculum, and programming.

Pain Recovery

Our chronic pain treatment center pairs non-addictive medications with physical movement and lifestyle adjustments for a better quality of life.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

An FDA approved, non-invasive procedure for depression.

Medical and Psychiatric Care

Expert health and psychiatric care by on-site board-certified physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and addiction certified nurse practitioners.


Tailored treatment to meet professionals’ needs in order to return to full participation in work, family, and social life.


A robust alumni network of peers and certified recovery coaches you can lean on well beyond the treatment.

Small Groups for Large Gains

In the Professional Treatment Program, patients reside in our gender-responsive facilities. Three times per week, you participate in a mixed-gender group to address issues unique to professionals. Your primary group includes five to twelve patients, while your gender-specific rehab community will include twenty to twenty-four patients. These small primary groups and communities allow you to develop deep connections and form relationships with peers going through similar experiences and working through similar issues. This intimate, gender-responsive setting helps you feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly in process groups, build self-confidence, develop a strong peer support network, and focus on recovery without unnecessary distractions.

Evidenced-Based, Data-Driven Therapy

Our Professional Program includes gender-responsive, trauma-informed modes of treatment tested by time and verified by decades of scientific research. You’ll participate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Family Therapy, Psychodynamic-Oriented Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Medically-Informed Psychopharmacology as needed.

These evidence-based therapies provide the structure, insight, support, and skill-building that forms a solid foundation for your sustained recovery from addiction and related mental health disorders. A rehab aftercare program teaches you how to transform coping mechanisms from harmful to helpful, replace old, self-destructive habits, with new, life-affirming habits, and give you the tools needed to continue your recovery journey after treatment.

Begin at Lakeview Health

When you’re ready to benefit from our comprehensive addiction treatment program for professionals, contact Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692. Our admissions team is ready to help you begin a professional program that can help you heal and recover.