Trauma Disorder Treatment Center

Trauma Disorder Treatment Center

man gesturing on couch during therapy at the trauma disorder treatment centerAddiction is one of the gravest issues facing Americans today. According to the Centers on Addiction, a startling one in seven Americans is struggling with addiction. That’s 40 million people: more than the number suffering from diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease. What few people understand, however, is that addiction rarely occurs in a vacuum. Many — perhaps most — of the individuals battling addiction suffer from underlying mental disorders that fuel their addiction. We refer to these as “co-occurring disorders” or as “dual-diagnosis.” The most common psychological issues that underpin addiction are well-known: anxiety, depression, and trauma. At Lakeview Health’s trauma disorder treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, we focus on dual diagnosis treatment programs that take a comprehensive apporach the trauma that feeds the addiction.

Do I Need a Trauma Disorder Treatment Center?

At this point, the number of studies linking trauma — especially childhood trauma — and addiction are too numerous to count. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, for instance, upwards of 70% of adolescents suffering from addiction have been exposed to trauma.

At a trauma disorder treatment center, we treat addiction in light of how past events in your life have led to substance abuse. And at our trauma disorder treatment center in Jacksonville, FL in particular, we focus on helping you heal in a variety of ways. By using an array of therapeutic approaches, we focus on healing your addiction at its very root. This means treating your trauma alongside your addiction. And by offering trauma and PTSD treatment programs to address these issues, we provide you with the tools you need to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. If you have been exposed to traumatic events and are suffering from addiction, Lakeview Health’s trauma disorder treatment center might be right for you.

What Can I Expect at a Trauma Disorder Treatment Center?

Suffering from a substance use disorder as a victim of trauma is not easy. And as such, there is no easy solution. However, with a solid, individualized recovery plan that combines the right types of therapies and treatment, rehabilitation is possible.

Among the types of treatment you will find at Lakeview’s trauma disorder treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, are:

  • Addiction therapy. Any addiction recovery plan should involve a range of therapies, including individual, group, and family therapy. At Lakeview Health, we use therapy as a way of diagnosing a patient’s issues so that they can better understand and manage them.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT is one of the many specific kinds of therapy we use in our trauma disorder treatment center. It aims specifically at identifying negative or unhealthy attitudes and behaviors so that they can be amended.
  • Medication. In some cases, prescription medications can be a useful component of a patient’s recovery plan. With careful medical supervision, these medications can be very effective tools to combat both addiction and trauma.

These are only a few of the approaches you can expect to find in our mental health treatment programs. And importantly, all of these may be components of your personalized treatment plan at Lakeview Health.

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But by getting the proper treatment through a trauma disorder treatment center, it is possible to recover from both addiction and trauma. At Lakeview Health, we have spent the last two decades providing co-occurring disorders treatment to give people the help, guidance, and support that is essential to recovery. Contact Lakeview Health online today or call us at 866.704.7692 for more information about our trauma disorder treatment center.