Heroin Detox Center

Heroin Detox Center

It’s easy to think the heroin epidemic is not affecting people – especially with much of the news on opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heroin use is increasing across every sector of society – spanning across age groups, social classes, and ethnicities. The most noticeable increases have been in groups who, in the past, have typically had low instances of heroin use. Groups like women, those in a higher socio-economical status, and others are seeing record numbers using the drug. This is why programs like Lakeview Health’s Florida drug detox program are so important.

Why a Residential Treatment Facility for Heroin Detox Now?

group beginning at a heroin detox centerAt the heart of the heroin epidemic is an increase in opioid use in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), these two are inextricably linked. The kind of story we see at Lakeview looks something like this: a doctor prescribes an opioid – like oxycodone or fentanyl – after an injury, to help manage pain. After the prescription has run its course, the doctor does not prescribe a refill. But his body is now dependent upon the painkiller. After a few weeks of looking for other doctors to prescribe new meds, the patient is out of luck and starts searching for other drugs to fill the void. Many times, people turn to heroin due to the low cost and ease of access – thus begins the drug addiction.

According to NIDA, more than 80% of heroin users report that they got their start by using prescription drugs. And this trend has continued.

Do I Need a Heroin Detox Center?

You may need to reach out to a professional if any of the following have happened as a result of heroin use:

  • It has damaged your relationship to your friend, family, or co-workers
  • Your body craves heroin when you are not using it
  • You continue to need more of it to achieve the same level of pleasure that you once did
  • Your physical urges for the drug have resulted in your binging on the drug or using it for longer than you had intended
  • Your heroin use has resulted in physical or psychological damage, but you have continued to use it
  • When you try to decrease your use or quit, you experience physical withdrawal symptoms

If you have experienced any of these physical symptoms, it is time for you to reach out to a heroin detox center.

Reach Out to Lakeview Health Today

But there is hope. An opioid detox program at an experienced heroin detox center like Lakeview Health means the complete removal of heroin from your system. Make no mistake, heroin detox is only a first step. Dealing with the psychological effects of your dependency will take weeks and months of hard work. But detox is an important first step.

If you or someone you know is battling heroin addiction, contact Lakeview Health today using our secure online form, or by calling 866.704.7692. You don’t have to go it alone.