Support for Families and the Family Program

for loved ones

Addiction is a family disease. As your loved one's addiction to drugs or alcohol progressively worsens, you may experience fear, anxiety, anger, guilt and even abuse. There may be significant turmoil in your life as a result.

Family members may think they are protecting and helping their loved one, but sometimes this type of support can enable the addictive behavior to continue. This includes trying to restrict or control alcohol or drug use to control the problem or keeping the addiction a secret to avoid the shame and stigma. These behaviors are known as codependency.

If your spouse, child, significant other or sibling is in treatment for drug or alcohol dependency, you need support, too.

The Family Program at Lakeview Health

A four-day family program is part of our signature program at Lakeview Health. Like all of our treatments, it's based entirely on the most current, evidence-based best practices. We're committed to helping the families of our patients mend their relationships, and our staff is handpicked to ensure the best quality of care.

The family program includes:

  • Answers and education for the family about the disease of addiction
  • Weekly family contact with the patient's therapist
  • Family relapse prevention plan to end enabling behaviors
  • Support for family members who have been directly affected by their loved one's addiction
  • A signed contract between the patient and the family, reinforcing their commitment to recovery
  • Development of an aftercare plan for the patient and family
  • Approved therapeutic visitations in a safe and supportive environment
  • Aftercare support for families after treatment

Click to see a sample schedule for the Family Program Workshop.

Have questions? Visit the Family Program Workshop FAQ page.