Training for Addiction Professionals

Training for Addiction Professionals

Lakeview Health Professional Lecture Series – Jacksonville, Florida

As part of the addiction treatment resources we provide at Lakeview Health, we welcome colleagues to our facility to hear speakers on the latest topics in addiction medicine. All Lakeview Health Professional Lecture Series are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Jacksonville, Florida Lecture Dates:

  • Friday, September 27 Presented by: Lantie Jorandby, MD
  • Friday, October 25 Presented by Kristie Overstreet

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a group of young people going through Training for Addiction ProfessionalsFighting and quitting an addiction is a real struggle. It is the reason why there is a need for training for addiction professionals. At times, you may think it is pretty straightforward, but it is not the case. In fact, addiction professionals have a tough time trying to stop you from doing what you are used to.

The training that the addiction professionals go through prepares them to handle all kinds of addiction. Sometimes, managing clients with mental disorders requires something extra. The extra care, attention, and intelligence can only be earned through the additional training of the addiction professionals. It is out of this reason that they must be trained continuously.

How Long Does Training for Addiction Professionals Take?

Like any other course that a student takes in an institution of learning, addiction professionals training takes some time. However, the training period is not constant. It varies from one subject unit to another. Consequently, some issues may take more training time than others. The time of training may, therefore, range between days to months.

Besides that, the approaches taken in training generally limit the duration of training. For example, a webinar may only happen for several hours if not minutes.

What is the Nature of Training for Addiction Professionals?

There are a variety of ways of teaching you something. In this case, the experts in a treatment facility are the students. Since they are well-learned and educated, they can quickly grasp concepts and content. As a result, the nature of training for these students includes methods such as:

However, the most common method of training professionals on the issue of addiction remains to be a series of webinars and lectures. While some addiction training may take one form of training, some others love to combine the forms to give you a wholesome integrative health methodology. Of course, a combined approach helps you understand better and quicker than the sole method.

Lakeview Health Training for Addiction Professionals

Therapeutic and rehab treatment facilities should train their professionals on how to handle addiction regularly. The training keeps the medical professionals aware of the new and current trends in treating addiction as a problem as well as taking care of addiction patients.

An excellent example of such training is our Lakeview Health training for addiction professionals program. Mostly, the facility trains the professionals through two principal methods. The two include lecture series and professional webinars. It is quite rare to miss one or two training sessions at the facility.

It is out of the training that the delivery of treatment services is possible. As a result, addiction professionals in this facility can address the following problems with ease:

  • Rehab for inpatients
  • Medical rehab services
  • Residential treatment
  • Aftercare services
  • Hospitalization
  • Outpatient services

Some of the addiction professional training sessions that are currently underway include the True North Alumni Support Group for August 2019, the August 2019 webinar, and The True North Support Group for September 2019. All of these sessions have excellent training for experts on addiction training.

It is the best time to be part of a facility that ensures that the professionals within it have up-to-date knowledge. Consequently, you have a reason to contact us for a service. Do not sit back and relax as addiction bothers you. Make a move today and meet the well-equipped and -trained team that will solve all of your addiction issues in no time. You can contact us at 866.704.7692 and get treatment from a team that has gone through training for addiction professionals.