Lakeview Health helps employees dependent on prescription opioids through its pain recovery and restorative rehabilitation program so employees can return to work. Learn more about our workers compensation information.

Injuries and Diagnoses Treated

Utilizing an integrative approach that addresses the medical, psychological, and physical aspects of recovery, employees with any of the diagnoses or combination of diagnoses below may be considered appropriate for Lakeview Health.

  • Addiction to prescribed opioids and other substances including non-narcotic medications
  • All types of chronic pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Trauma – Physical and Psychological Injuries

Other diagnoses that can be pre-existing and/or resulting from addiction that need to be addressed and treated to accomplish recovery and restoration goals.

Medical Model

The Lakeview Health multidisciplinary team is led by board-certified medical and psychiatric providers along with Lakeview therapists and nurses. The team is committed to ensuring Employees, and other individuals treated, have the skills and healthy coping strategies in place at the time of discharge that are necessary for a smooth transition returning to work and to the life they enjoyed previously.

Assessing and Reporting Progress and Overall Outcome History

Lakeview Health continuously assesses, monitors, and reports on progress and outcomes during each Employee’s stay and through the first year post-discharge. Medical professionals and referral and payment sources have repeatedly entrusted Lakeview Health over the past 17 years indicating a very high level of satisfaction with the outcomes achieved.

Lakeview Health is The Solution

Lakeview Health understands the specific needs of Employees, Employers, Adjusters, and Nurse Case Managers when it comes to Opioid Addiction with Complaints of Persistent Pain

Contact A Workers’ Comp Referral Coordinator Today

We understand that seeking help may come with challenges, which is why we have a referral coordinator to help employees and employers navigate the process. Our referral coordinator will provide you with workers compensation information about treatment, benefits coverage, and explain the aftercare planning process to get each individual healthy and back to work. Fill out the form below to start the referral process for yourself or an employee.

Services and Programs at Lakeview Health

Pre-Admission – Identifying Employee Needs, History, and Current Status

  • Following referral, we do an Initial Assessment and conduct a medical record review at no charge.
  • A pre-admission Outline of Services, including the daily rate specific to each Employee, is provided to all involved professionals.
  • Treatment may be of little to no cost to the injured employee.
  • Determine the decision for admission.

Upon Admission – Assessment and Treatment Begins

  • Each Employee undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by the Lakeview Health multidisciplinary team and an individually developed Treatment Plan is prepared, taking into full account each Employee’s current status, illness/injury history, premorbid history, and employment responsibilities.
  • Onsite Case Management interacts with all involved professionals onsite and remotely.

Some Service Provisions – All Treatment is Individualized According to Employee Needs

  • Medically supervised detoxification from opioids and other mood-altering medications
  • Ancillary services including non-narcotic related pain recovery
  • Medical Services from Lakeview Health’s board-certified physiatrist, psychiatrist, and other physicians for any acute needs
  • Pain Recovery Services in conjunction with Opioid/Substance treatment
  • Participation in Lakeview Health’s Professionals Program, as appropriate
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Nursing Services, Neuropsychological Testing, Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Fitness and Wellness Coaching for long-term success
  • Peer Support – Certified Recovery Coaches who support individuals receiving services while at Lakeview Health and up to one year following discharge
  • Individualized groups and treatment based on each Employee’s status, history, and needs

Post-Discharge Services

Aftercare/Post-Discharge Services to help ensure successful sustained outcomes

Referring a Patient is Easy

Mark M Gerges and Workers Compensation InformationMark M. Gerges, MD is the Utilization Review Director at Lakeview Health and oversees the department comprised of six physicians. Dr. Gerges supervises the entire process from admission through discharge of a patient to ensure benefits are being used accordingly and not in excess. He strongly believes in getting patients healthy and back to the workplace. Dr. Gerges completed his training through Florida Hospitals, and worked with many specialties, including orthopedics, reconstruction, and hand surgery, as well as pain management for related issues. Sadly, patients fall ill to their addiction and need extra help overcoming their self-conceived notion of requiring opiate and other mood-altering substances to maintain pain control. Utilizing medical and clinical treatment helps patients get back to work.

Lakeview Health values its partnerships with Employers, Adjusters, and Case Managers. To refer an Employee or find more workers compensation information in Jacksonville, Florida, Lakeview Referral Coordinators are available 24/7.

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Lakeview Health admits individuals in need of specialized treatment and services to its current programs in Florida and Texas from across the country. Get more workers compensation information today.