Employee Sober Lifestyle

Employee Sober Lifestyle

an employer and employee talking about Employee Sober LifestyleThere is nothing more difficult as a recovering addict than lacking support. This makes employee sober lifestyle programs essential. These substance abuse treatment programs make it easy for a business to support their employees during recovery. Addiction recovery is a long-term process. Moreover, with the right support, even in the workplace, any individual can avoid relapsing.

However, most businesses are reluctant to help their employees through the recovery journey. What most businesses do is fire their employees immediately if they discover the employees harbor an addiction problem.

Addiction is costly, especially in the workplace, so we understand why companies may be reluctant to employ recovering addicts. However, Lakeview Health employee sober lifestyle program can help you offer support to recovering employees. It can also help you create a drug-free environment for other employees.

Why Should You Encourage an Employee Sober Lifestyle?

Despite the hurdles, recovering employees have been through, they still require a second chance. This means re-hiring them after completing treatment. However, this may not be an intuitive decision for most businesses. But, research studies do support this decision.

Another significant advantage of hiring recovering employees is they are dependable. According to Psych Central, recovering employees are incredibly motivated. The drive to get their lives back is what keeps them going. And they end up becoming more loyal to companies that offer them another opportunity.

Since they are abstaining from drugs and alcohol, they will not go drinking after work. This, in turn, translates to productivity. On the one hand, they are recovering from an addiction. On the other hand, they end up becoming the best at work. But, all this is not possible without the right environment. By offering different addiction treatment programs, you can successfully support your recovering employees.

Apart from establishing programs, you can also give them a day off occasionally. This will help them rest and take care of themselves. It will also improve their productivity and focus.

Employee Sober Lifestyle Programs We Offer at Lakeview Health

Some of the employee sober lifestyle programs we offer at Lakeview Health include:

Healthy Values

Having a strong foundation during recovery is essential. This helps throughout the recovery process. Healthy values are also necessary as they guide our clients even at work. We know the recovery process is not easy. However, the skills we offer companies help them guide recovering addicts even in the workplace.

We also offer clinical programs that reflect our model and core values. These programs include:

The success of any business depends on the unity of employees. This is why we offer team-building skills. These skills help your recovering employees to support each other. It also improves their resilience and keeps them motivated with work — thus increasing the productivity of your business.

Occasional Follow-Ups

Recovering from an addiction is a long-term process. This is why we advocate for occasional follow-ups. These follow-ups allow us to check your progress. We also get to determine whether you are still on the right path to recovery.

However, with a busy schedule at work, most recovering employees find it hard to attend the follow-ups. This is where the company steps in to help. With your employer’s permission, attending follow-up sessions is no longer a problem.

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We know how important your recovery process is. This is why we try our best to involve employers as well. You no longer have to feel left out at your workplace. It may take time, but Lakeview Health employee sober lifestyle program will help you get there. So, if you require our help to make your workplace drug free, we are always ready to help. Give us a call today at 866.704.7692.