Evidence Based Rehab

Evidence Based Rehab

Evidence Based Rehab For Alcohol & Substance Abuse

The Lakeview Health Approach to Addiction Treatment and Recovery

We offer comprehensive, integrative, evidence-based alcohol and substance use recovery programs tailored to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Your total health and lifelong recovery is our goal. Our multidisciplinary treatment model combines the highest quality physiological, psychological, emotional, and psychosocial care available.

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A Full Spectrum of Care

All successful substance abuse treatment and recovery programs have one thing in common: They’re committed to evidence-based therapies backed by research, verified effective by patients and practitioners on the front lines of treatment, and proven successful by the sustained sobriety of their alumni. Sobriety is not a guarantee – that ultimately depends on you – but the best treatment programs instill in their patients a dedication to the process of recovery that supports them through the work of rehab, and then helps them navigate the near misses, slips, and relapses that often occur in the months and years following discharge. Lakeview Health meets and exceeds the standards established by addiction experts by drilling down on every detail related to your treatment.

The Foundations of Excellence at Lakeview Health:

Licensed and Accreditated.

Lakeview Health holds a Florida State License from the Department of Children and Families, and maintains a Gold Seal for Service Excellence from the Joint Commission (JCAHO).

Start Your New Life Free from Addiction

Taking the first step is tough. We understand what’s going through your mind as you consider checking yourself into rehab. We know what it’s like to be afraid of recovery and sobriety. To get started, provide your contact information below and one of our specialists will contact you within 30 minutes. They’ll help you begin the admission process, and answer any and all questions you might have – but you have to answer the phone when they call!

Continuum of Care

From medically monitored detox to inpatient rehab, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and alumni programs, our progressive levels of care keep you safe and healthy from intake to discharge and beyond.

Specialized Services

We support dual-diagnosis patients with co-occurring disorders, offer gender-responsive treatment to meet the differing needs of men and women in recovery, and provide integrated health therapies – including trauma-informed care and pain recovery services – to address all aspects of your journey to health and wellbeing.

Medical and Psychiatric Services

Full-time doctors and nurses are on-site, 24/7, ready to handle any potential physical or mental health issues that may surface during detox, withdrawal or your initial stages of recovery.

Multidisciplinary Staffing

Our team includes board-certified addictionologists, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, psychologists, social workers, mental health technicians, exercise physiologists, recovery coaches, and dietitians. Our Chief Clinical Officer holds both a Ph.D and LCSW.

Family Involvement

We invite family members to participate in a three-day program that’s an integral part of our approach to addiction treatment. Experience teaches us that when your family understands as much as possible about what you’re going through, and get on board with the positive changes you’re making in your life, the better your chances of sustained sobriety.

Peer and Social Support

We hold nightly AA and NA meetings on-site, host weekly Al-Anon meetings and alumni story nights, and organize various other pro-sober social activities such as bowling, trips to the beach, museums visits, and much more.

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