Seeking Alcohol Help

Seeking Alcohol Help

Casual drinking vs. Addiction: when to seek alcohol help

Alcohol Help is a Call Away: Is it Time to Pursue it?

The first step in recovering from an alcohol addiction is seeking alcohol help. Reach out to us to find a treatment center for you. Call now.

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Casual drinking vs. Addiction: when to seek alcohol help

For many people, enjoying an occasional drink (or a few) is no big deal. When an individual is habitually unable to control the amount they drink or how frequently they partake, it’s likely they’re suffering from alcohol addiction and need alcohol help.

  • Alcoholism can be identified by the following signs and symptoms:
  • Inability to control how much or how often you drink
  • Wanting to limit how much you drink, but being unable to
  • Feeling a strong urge, need, or compulsion to drink
  • Sacrificing social, personal, and professional activities for the sake of drinking
  • Failing at personal and professional relationships due to your behavior when drinking
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol that requires you to drink more in order to feel a buzz
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shaking, tremors, and others, when you try to stop drinking

Alcohol help is available

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, Recovery Connection can help you find professional addiction treatment. Treatment will get you through the detox and recovery process, so you can get on track to long-term, sober living. Whether you need a structured inpatient treatment program where you can be under the close monitoring of a professional staff of physicians, therapists, and other medical personnel, or a more flexible but intense outpatient program that will accommodate your busy schedule, there is a program that will work for you.

We will find the right treatment center for you, based on:

  • Your personal addiction history
  • Any possible underlying emotional or mental disorders that could have developed as a result of your long-term abuse

Don’t suffer alone with your addiction to alcohol any longer. We can help you conquer this disease. First we’ll help you find medically-managed detox. Then we’ll find a center to create a personalized treatment plan that will address your specific needs. Our dual diagnosis approach to treatment will help you get clean now and prepare you for long-term sober living post-treatment.

A UCLA survey of records from 905 hospitals nationwide found only 28 percent of people who suffer a stroke sought help within an hour of experiencing symptoms. The majority of people arrived at the hospital more than three hours after symptoms began.

Seek alcohol help today

If you or someone close to you is in need of professional help for alcohol addiction, please don’t waste another moment trying to handle the stresses of this disease alone. Let Lakeview Health take the difficulty out of the rehab process, so you can be free to relax, heal, and focus solely on your recovery. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive programs and to get started on your life-changing journey towards a healthy and sober fresh start.

Healthy Values

At Lakeview Health, we practice three core values of integrative health that hold patients accountable to themselves and others, reinforce communication, and teach the importance of respect and trust. The three values you will learn are:

  • The need for clear and honest communication
  • Respect and trust of self and others
  • Accountability for self and willingness to hold others accountable

These values permeate all aspects of the clinical program. You will practice these as a patient, and all staff members are also expected to adopt these values in working with one another and patients.

Physical Health with Supportive Medical Care

Part of the integrated health program involves the medical team being prepared to treat not just the addiction, but also the medical acuities that can be caused by long-term drug and/or alcohol use. Additionally, they are ready to address the many co-occurring issues that accompany addiction. Our medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and psychiatrists work with you to monitor and stabilize your physical health so you can begin to focus on your recovery.

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Team Skill Building

In our integrative health approach, patients learn that they cannot eliminate their addiction alone. Patients are grouped into teams to support the growth of team skills. Team building and Resiliency Group teach patients team building skills through various activities, which may overlap with experiential and expressive therapies.

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