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  • Quality care focused on women’s needs
  • Family focused therapy to treat the whole family
  • Treating the unique barriers to women with co-occurring disorders
  • Focusing on gender specific issues that women face when getting sober
  • Continuum of care options to set you up for success in recovery

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Our staff of professionals are here to help you transition into our women’s program in treatment and help you focus on yourself so you can overcome addiction. We strive to over not only a unique experience to treat every individual but specifically focus on individual treatment for women’s health and women’s recovery.

Family Program

Addiction impacts the entire family and it is important to treat the whole family. Whether you are coming to treatment and leaving behind your partner, children or parents we are here to help treat the entire family and ease you into the situation. Our professionals are trained to work with your family in addition to you treating your addiction.

Alumni Program

One of our greatest achievements is seeing our alumni excel in their lives. We are fortunate that we have alumni that are dedicated and committed to helping our current patients. We work closely with our alumni to continue to help them progress forward to achieve their dreams while maintaining their recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Studies show that women who are struggling with substance use disorder are more likely to suffer from a co-occuring mental disorder than men. At Lakeview we know this can be a unique challenge and are advanced in helping women struggling with dual diagnosis.

Chronic Pain Recovery

Treating chronic pain and treating addiction can be difficult to overcome. Our doctors and psychiatrists have years of experience treating those suffering with chronic pain and addiction. We can help you with feeling comfortable and resolving your substance use disorder.

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Customer Reviews


Cathy Bolts

Thank you Lakeview for everything you have given me. I absolutely loved being here and especially all the staff there. Leaving all the staff was the hardest part about going there. It's said that the number 1 indictor is the connection.

Wyatt Vita

very excellent recovery center they helped save my life i loved all of the staff,the structure is great and they do truly care about your recovery and well being. i would highly suggest this program to anyone struggling with addiction if they can help me they can help you to i promise.

Tyrone Purell

I Have Been To A Few Different Rehabs. But this One Is By Far The Best. The Staff is incredible and can relate on a level that only the people who come will understand. Thank you so much for showing me that a sober life is a better life. I love every body at solutions. #StaySober.

Levels of Care

Studies have proven that participating in the full continuum of care for treatment drug and alcohol addiction is the most effective way to achieve recovery and maintain long term recovery.
Lakeview offers all levels of care to fit what your needs are; starting with detox, inpatient, residential, PHP, IOP and aftercare planning.







Addiction Recovery Treatment For Women

Don’t let denial, shame and fear stop you from taking that first step. Admitting you need help is the first step, let us help you the rest of the way.

The number of women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction is climbing at an alarming rate. Although the rate of men struggling with addiction is higher than women, women tend to increase their use at a much faster rate and women are more likely to have co-occurring disorders. Women’s health and women’s situations tend to be much different than their male counterparts. Finding an addiction treatment that has the specific needs of women as its primary purpose is important to consider when picking the right rehab for yourself or a loved one. Whether you’re a mom, a wife, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a partner; Lakeview will help you mend your relationships and focus on the specific needs for you. It is more common for women to prolong seeking treatment than men. When women prolong seeking treatment then tend to enter rehab with more progressive diseases that can result in more complications. We encourage you to seek the help you need and want to be with you as you pick up the pieces and get the life you deserve.

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