True North Alumni Program

At Lakeview Health, we never stop guiding our alumni to find their true north. Navigating recovery can be difficult, that’s why we’ve developed a robust aftercare and alumni network to support our Alumni at every stage of the recovery process. Our True North Alumni are over 20,000 strong and act as a positive force in the community, while also helping to support all newcomers or those in hard times.

While in our care, we teach you the skills required for a successful launch. After that, the responsibility shifts to you, but we neither expect nor want you to do it alone. In the grand scheme of things, your time in treatment is short in comparison to the full arc of your recovery. To make the lessons you learn at Lakeview Health stick – and to navigate the ups and downs of the process – we offer ongoing support. By ongoing we mean months and years, not just days and weeks.

Certified Recovery Coaches Certified Recovery Coaches provide support via phone call, email, and social media. We are available 24/7 if you need assistance.
Local & Virtual Support Groups Our Alumni Team hosts local support groups in Jacksonville, FL and the Woodlands, TX. These groups are available to all of our alumni through video conferencing.
Family Support Our Alumni Coordinators also make themselves available to connect with family members and loved ones of our alumni.
Sober Lifestyle Events True North Alumni members are invited to join us at our monthly outings. We host local meetups for food, fun, and fellowship.
Alumni Ambassadors Finding support in your local area can be challenging at first. Our team can help link you with up with other True North Alumni in your area.
Online Community With almost 2,000 members, we have built a strong support network for our alumni to rely on when they need it most.

Social Support: An Essential Component of Recovery

Our bio-psycho-social approach to treatment places as much emphasis on the social aspect of your sustained sobriety as on the biological and psychological aspects. You spend a great deal of your time in treatment learning about your addiction, unlearning old habits, and forming new ones. Our clinical staff monitors the biological and psychological aspects of your recovery, but that’s not the entire picture. You also get a solid and practical understanding of how social support groups work.

Research indicates social support is more crucial than most people realize. An important statistic many aren’t aware of:

“People who add at least one non-drinking member to their social network show a 27 percent increase at 12 months post-treatment in the likelihood of treatment success, and sustaining abstinence.”

Simply put, adding just one sober person to your life dramatically increases your chances of staying sober.

Our Alumni Network

At Lakeview Health, we make sure you don’t have to go looking for one person because we are that person, and we are more than just one – our True North Alumni network is more than 20,000 strong. It’s a group of caring people also in recovery and completely committed to supporting you on your journey. Many alumni live close to our centers in Jacksonville, Florida and The Woodlands, Texas, but the network spans the nation. From Juneau, Alaska to Prescott, Arizona to Providence, Rhode Island, our people are everywhere. If you reach out, they are there for you.

Visit our Alumni Resources page for more information.

Alumni Resources

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