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At Lakeview Health, being a leading, national drug and alcohol rehab center, we consider ourselves the cornerstone for addiction resources and information about treatment and recovery. We have a full library of verifiable information and useful content on the topic of substance abuse treatment and recovery in effort to better inform both incoming patients, families, professionals, and alumni on all things associated with addiction. Click on any of the categories below to get started on learning more with our addiction resources.


Lakeview Health is committed to providing helpful and timely information about drug addiction, mental health disorders, addiction treatment protocols and related topics. Our articles take a deeper look into new trends and topics about addiction and rehab.


Latest news and stories related to addiction, rehabilitation and dual diagnosis treatment. Get insights into treatment written by Lakeview Health’s therapists, as well as authors experienced in all things addiction- and rehab-related.


Do you know what types of drugs are most dangerous? Learn more specifics about the most commonly abused drugs, going through withdrawal from these drugs and how addiction is treated.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis occurs when a person struggles with drug or alcohol abuse and a mental health issue like depression or bipolar disorder. A person may abuse alcohol or drugs to self-medicate the mental condition, although the relationship is unclear. Treating both conditions is essential to attain a healthy recovery.

eBooks & Brochures

Our library of eBooks and brochures include material to help guide you in learning more information and helping you choose the right drug rehab program.


Our infographics provide information about addiction, drugs, alcohol, and recovery in easy to read visual form. They’re free to view and share.


The leadership of Lakeview Health talks with leading experts in the field, to provide the latest information on addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Facts

Each substance has its own unique effects on the mind, body, and soul. Read about the facts on individual substances.

Statistics By State

Substance abuse conditions are different throughout the United States. Discover the statistics and conditions throughout the country.