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Our clinical team is dedicated to expanding their knowledge of best practices in addiction treatment and committed to enriching their clinical methods and expertise through lifelong study and research. We read professional publications, attend conferences, and interact with peers to deepen our base of knowledge, become better doctors, nurses, and therapists, and bring what we learn back to serve our patients.

We have a full library of authoritative, responsibly sourced content on the topic of addiction treatment and recovery we’re happy to share with incoming patients, families, alumni, and professional peers. Please click on any of the links below to access our resource library and learn more about addiction, recovery, and the various co-occurring mental health disorders we treat at Lakeview Health.

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Resource Library

eBooks & Brochures

Browse our library of helpful, informative eBooks and brochures to learn more from our addiction resources.


View information about drugs, alcohol, and recovery in an easy-to-read, user-friendly visual format.

Professional Training

Browse our extensive library of training for addiction professionals.

Substance Abuse Facts

Each substance has its own unique effects on the mind, body, and soul. Read about the facts on individual substances.

Statistics By State

Substance abuse conditions are different throughout the United States. Discover the statistics and conditions throughout the country.

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Mental Health Rankings by City

Mental Health City Rankings In recent years, mental health awareness has increased as discussions of mental health issues have become more mainstream. In...

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Board-Certified Addiction Treatment: What To Look For In A Recovery Program

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