Alumni Recovery Support Services

Your recovery continues after you leave Lakeview Health. Staying sober in the long run can be challenging, and having the support of professionals and fellow recovering addicts goes a long way to help. We offer comprehensive support to help you manage your recovery and stay connected with your peers from Lakeview Health.

If you’re a Lakeview graduate, we encourage you to join the Alumni Program now.

Angela’s Story: Lakeview Health Alumni

Rex’s Story: Lakeview Health Alumni

Rex joined us for the Rose of Lakeview Dedication and Ribbon Cutting and asked if anyone from the call center was here, specifically Tarshi. He wanted to meet her since she is the intake specialist he spoke with before coming to Lakeview. The two were introduced. Upon meeting Tarshi, Rex was brought to tears saying Tarshi was the one who saved his life because she kept in touch with him every couple of hours, and if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have admitted himself to Lakeview Health for treatment.

Photo of Rex meeting Tarshi at Dedication 2016

Rex, Lakeview Alumni on the right, meeting Tarshi, Lakeview Health intake specialist, on the left.

Recovery Management

To help support your recovery, we provide:

  • Phone follow-ups from our alumni support team
  • Monthly recovery activities, which often include family and friends
  • A monthly support group in Jacksonville
  • Email communications
  • E-newsletter

We can also help you locate 12-step meetings in your area.

Alumni Community

To help Lakeview alumni share their experiences, challenges and inspiration, we offer events throughout the year. Check out our calendar for what’s coming up. We also invite alumni to keep in touch on our Facebook page.

Alumni Recovery Support Services


Nick Goslin – Alumni Coordinator & Recovery Coach

photo of Nick Goslin Recover Coach at Lakeview Health

Nick Goslin

Nick Goslin, CRC is the Star of Lakeview Health’s Alumni Recovery Support Services Coordinator. He is a Kansas native. Three years ago, he became a Florida transplant and Lakeview Health alumni. Since leaving Lakeview he’s become an active member of the recovery community and an advocate for young people in recovery. Nick’s goal is to show patients that they don’t have to recover alone. When talking about his role as a recovery coach, he says, “Today I get the opportunity to give back to those people that  took that leap of faith like I did, and show them that they don’t ever have to be alone either.” Alumni can connect with Nick on his Facebook page.

Lakeview Health is a proud member of Treatment Professionals Alumni Services (TPAS).


2015 Fall TPAS Collaborative Video

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