What Is An Intervention?

The first question someone seeking help for their loved may ask is “Exactly, what is an intervention?”. A drug or alcohol intervention is a deeply involved 2-3 day process where we empower, educate, and change the dynamics within a family, as well as guide a drug or alcohol user into an honest desire to enter treatment.

This is perhaps too simple an explanation for a deeply involved, highly structured process.

Interventions fall into three distinct sections:

  1. The family meeting
  2. Request to accept help
  3. Tough love only if necessary

What is the Johnson Model of Intervention

Generally considered as a widely accepted model of intervention, this model differs from the systemic model of intervention primarily in its delivery. The Johnson Model of intervention usually delivers a message of tough love almost at its onset. In other words, the consequences of not accepting help are usually mentioned in the letters being read by family members in the beginning.

What is an Invitational Model of Intervention

Considered by many to be the lightest model of intervention, the Invitational Model of Interventionstands out due to its lack of surprise. In other words, the addict is “invited” on their own time, to attend a family session and talk about their addiction.

Although the invitational model of intervention is occasionally used by Intervention Services when the family has no leverage, influence, or enabling present, we feel that putting the control of the intervention in the hands of the addict can often backfire. An Invitational Model of Intervention can sometimes take weeks to deliver and is often much more costly, due to this fact.

What is an Intervention About?

There are many common misconceptions about a drug or alcohol intervention and its goals. Most people think that an intervention is about “getting someone to go to treatment or rehab”. In actuality, that is the result of a properly delivered intervention, but not the true goal itself. Getting someone to go to treatment isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do for us.

Getting someone into treatment isn’t necessarily a difficult thing for us to do. But if the loved one isn’t properly handled through the guidance of a qualified intervention specialist, if the family isn’t empowered enough, then many times you will find yourself with a loved one checking himself out of rehab within days of arrival.

The goal of any drug or alcohol intervention should be much more than temporarily convincing them to go.

Many people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs don’t think they have a problem. Others know they do but can’t or won’t address it. If this is the case with your loved one, you may want to consider holding an intervention. An intervention is an attempt by one or more people—usually friends and family—to get someone to seek help for their addiction.
We recommend that you get professional guidance before staging an intervention. To learn more about interventions or how to choose a provider, call us at 855.572.8724.

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