eBooks & Brochures

Finding out more information about addiction, drug rehab and recovery is helpful when thinking about entering an addiction treatment program. Lakeview Health offers material to help guide you in learning more information and helping you choose the right drug rehab program. These guides are free to download so that you may read through them at your convenience. If you have any further questions about entering drug rehab, you may call 866-704-7692 for more information.

Our intervention guide provides information, tips, and advice for the family and friends of an individual who is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem.

Check out the Addiction Treatment for a Loved One: A How-To-Guide to learn what you can do to help someone you love who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

Understanding Medical Detox eBook

Familiarize yourself with the detox process with our Understanding Medically Monitored Detox guide to prepare yourself or a loved one who is entering detox.