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Training For Addiction Professionals

Browse our extensive library of training for addiction professionals. We host a range of content including professional lectures from some of the most renowned physicians and addiction professionals throughout the United States, as well as Webinars featuring our very own Lakeview Health physicians.

Lakeview Health Professional Lecture Series

Lakeview will resume the Lakeview Professional Lecture Series in March 2019. Watch for more information soon.

Each month, we will welcome colleagues to our facility to hear speakers on the latest topics in addiction medicine. All Lakeview Health Professional Lecture Series are free and open to the public.

Lakeview Professional Lecture Series Schedule

No lectures are scheduled at this time. We’ll resume our Lecture Series in March 2019.

Past Addiction Professional Webinars

Browse our library of addiction professional webinars, providing addiction treatment resources for professionals, as well as discussions of new techniques in rehabilitation.

Recognition and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in the Addiction Population

Course Summary The coexistence of a mental illness and a Substance Use Disorder is referred to as a co-occurring...

Detox: Who, Why, and How

  Course Summary Detoxification from active substance use is typically the first step in addiction treatment and recovery. There...

Treating the Addicted Self: A Developmental Approach to the Imposter Syndrome

Course Summary The Imposter Cycle effects an individual’s substance use disorder. Identifying Imposter Syndrome and how it manifests must...

Transforming Addiction Treatment: A Gender-Responsive Model

Course Summary Did you know there is a difference between gender-separate and gender-responsive treatment? During this webinar, Dino Liverano...

Recognizing Opiate Addiction and Referring To Treatment Presented by Adrian Blotner, MD, FAPA (June 2018)

  Course Summary   The Opiate Epidemic has become one of the most prominent public health challenges of our...

Professionals and Addiction Presented by Philip Hemphill, PhD, LCSW (April 2018)

Overview: A growing and converging body of literature is establishing the empirical association between professionals with addiction and safety...

Alcohol Use Disorder in Women Presented By Ellen Ovson, MD, FASAM (May 2018)

Alcohol Use Disorder in Women Presented By Ellen Ovson, MD, FASAM (May 2018) Overview: There are physiologic and medical...

SBIRT Webinar Series, Part 3

Use and Impact of Technology to Deliver Community Based Prevention Keri-Lyn Coleman, MSW and Susan Pitman In partnership with Drug...

SBIRT Webinar Series, Part 2

Therapeutic Pain Management Protocol John Hunt, M.D. In partnership with Coastal Spine & Pain Center Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017...

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