Lakeview Health, a Nationally Recognized Drug Rehabilitation Center in Florida, Doubles Size of Medical Staff

Jacksonville, FL. June 30, 2015

Lakeview Health, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Jacksonville, reported today it has more than doubled the size of its medical staff to further enhance its ability to treat addiction patients nationally.

The center’s medical staff — which includes physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants — now totals 17, compared to 7 in 2013, the center said. Lakeview also has 20 clinical staff, including chemical dependency therapists and case managers.

“If you want to take a serious approach to the treatment of addiction as a disease, you want to back it up with a robust and talented medical staff,” said Lakeview’s President and CEO, Roy M. Serpa. “We thought it was important to be an example for the entire category.“

If you want to take a serious approach to the treatment of addiction as a disease, you want to back it up with a robust and talented medical staff.

“Drug and alcohol addiction can, and frequently does, profoundly affect an individual’s whole body, not just the brain, and it is important for us to take account of these effects to create rehabilitation programs that work,” said Lakeview’s Chief of Staff, Kevin Holbert, MD. “We find that many long-term users suffer from other chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and lung disease.”

Phillip Hemphill, PhD., a chemical dependency clinician and researcher, and Lakeview’s Chief Clinical Officer, said, “We take a holistic approach to patient treatment that combines physiological, psychological and psychosocial care. Long-term drug abuse wreaks havoc with the body. Addressing the physical damage caused by addiction is an important part of the healing process.”

Holbert said Lakeview’s increase in medical personnel reflects its commitment to quality care, a commitment that includes moving personnel from contract to fulltime staff status and providing additional resources for continuing education.

About Lakeview Health

Lakeview Health in Jacksonville is a leading provider of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Northeast Florida and a nationally recognized addiction treatment, serving clients from across the country. Since it was founded in 2001, it has helped countless individuals and families begin their journey of recovery. Lakeview’s caring and committed staff is dedicated to helping clients and their families find their “True North.”

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