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Fort Worth is the top tourist destination in the entire state of Texas. Millions of people visit this city each year to enjoy the Stockyards NationalHistoricDistrict, the Fort Worth Cultural District, Sundance Square, and other attractions. Whether it is tourist season, though, this city is always a hub of activity. Fort Worth manages to offer a combination of urban sophistication and old west culture, so it truly has something for everyone.

There is another side of Fort Worth, Texas, that the tourists rarely see. The hidden side consists of the drug and alcohol abuse that runs rampant in this state. If you suffer from addiction, you likely don’t even notice the various attractions and fun activities in the city. Instead, you spend your days and nights thinking about and looking for your next fix. When you get it, you realize it no longer satisfies the urge you have inside, so you repeat the cycle over and over again. It’s a horrible way to live, and you are ready to break free.

Your drug and alcohol addiction might have control of you now, but you can get back in the driver’s seat. Call Lakeview Health at (866) 704-7692 to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation program.

Young Fort Worth man struggling with addiction and depressionAlcohol Abuse in Fort Worth, TX

Alcohol has long been the drug of choice in Texas, and Fort Worth is no exception to that rule. In 2011, 18.9 percent of Texan adults and 23.5 percent of high school students admitted to binge drinking, according to the CDC. Fortunately, many people choose to get help. Twenty-eight percent of Texans who entered publicly funded treatment programs in 2013 had a primary problem with alcohol.

The face of alcohol abuse has changed over the years. In 1988, men were much more apt to seek out treatment than women. Eighty-two percent of patients were men back then, but in 2013, that number decreased to 68 percent. This has caused rehab facilities to take a different approach to alcohol treatment.

Lakeview Health uses Gender-Specific Treatment for patients. This allows providers to address the different issues that men and women face.Whether you are male or female, the staff at Lakeview Health understands the problems you face and can help.

Drug Abuse in Fort Worth, TX

Drug abuse is also a serious problem in Fort Worth and the rest of Texas. Methamphetamines continue to be a serious issue, with 715 methamphetamine-related deaths in 2016. Methamphetamines made withthe phenyl-2-propanone method are becoming increasingly popular in Fort Worth, and that is a cause for concern. This method makes the drug 95 percent potent, making it much deadlier than ever before.

Fort Worth has also found itself in the middle of the opioid crisis. Opioid-related deaths increased by more than 100 percent between 2010 and 2016. Many others have been on the cusp of death and saved with Narcan. Fort Worth’sambulance service responded to 1,062 overdose calls in 2017 and provided 1,047 doses of Narcan. There were only 533 overdose calls in all of 2015, so this is an alarming trend that the city is trying to address.

As with other parts of the country, fentanylis now prevalent in Fort Worth and is part of the reason for the increase in overdoses and deaths. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid with a potency that is 80 to 100 times higher than morphine. Few people knowingly take fentanyl. Instead, dealers mix it with other drugs and, in some cases, use it create pills that look just like prescription opioids.

Dealers do this for a very simple reason. Because fentanyl is so potent, it doesn’t take as much to produce a high. That makes it much cheaper for dealers. Unfortunately, this comes at a real cost to users who don’t realize they have drugs laced with fentanyl. They don’t realize the drugs they are taking are as potent as they are and end up overdosing. While some are saved with Narcan, others may pass away.

This isn’t just an epidemic. It’s a serious crisis that can lead to death. If you abuse drugs, the time to get help is now. You never know if you will overdose the next time you pick up your drug of choice. Your life is worthwhile, so call Lakeview Health at (866) 704-7692 to speak to an intake professional. You will learn about the program and what you need to do to get help today.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

If you are physically addicted to drugs and alcohol, you need to detox the substance from your system before going through rehab. Lakeview Health has a state-of-the-art medical detox facility that is staffed with professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff is trained to ensure you are safe and comfortable during the detox process. If you try to detox on your own, you will experience uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms that will make you likely to go back to your substance of choice. Medically supervised detox alleviates those symptoms and prepares you for drug and alcohol treatment.

The process begins with an evaluation. An intake counselor will talk to you about the substance you use, method of ingestion, and time of last use. You will also go through a mental health and medical screening, and if it’s determined you’re physically addicted, the staff will take you directly to the detox center.

Our team of medical professionals will provide you with medications to alleviate the symptoms and reduce your cravings. You will also meet with a counselor to talk about the emotions you feel as your body gets rid of substances. The counselor will also prepare you to enter the treatment facility.

When you have completed detox, you will move directly to our drug and alcohol rehab center near Fort Worth, Texas.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Some drug and alcohol treatment centers have a cold and clinical setting. It’s hard to feel comfortable in such an environment, and that means you might have issues getting the most out of rehab. Lakeview Health takes a different approach. Our treatment facility near Fort Worth, Texas, is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. From the dining areas and community rooms to the inviting therapy rooms, you will feel at ease when you are in this facility.

That level of comfort will help you as you go through treatment. Group and individual therapy are essential during the treatment process. You will learn important coping strategies so you can effectively deal with issues without using drugs and alcohol. You will also set long-term recovery goals, and when you near the end of treatment, you will create an aftercare plan. This plan will help you adjust when you leave the facility.

When you are not actively working on your recovery, you can spend time with others who are in treatment. You will have a sense of community at Lakeview Health. The others in treatment will become your support system as you make this exciting life change.

A young Fort Worth woman is happy to spend time with her sober husband.Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

Countless Texans have co-occurring conditions. This means they have mental health and substance abuse issues. Research has shown that it is important to treat these conditions at the same time. Lakeview Health can diagnose and treat co-occurring conditions. We use medication, therapy, and other treatment methods that have proven results. We even offer transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for patients who have not had success with treatment for depression in the past.

If you suffer from a mental illness and substance abuse problem, you might feel hopeless and helpless. Get your power back by entering our drug and alcohol treatment facility.

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Get Treatment for Your Addiction Today

Your addiction has taken so much from you. You might suffer from financial difficulties and serious health problems. You have likely even lost some friends along the way, and your family members might be keeping you at a distance. This is all very painful for you, and you are ready to make a change.

As long as you continue to use drugs and alcohol, your addiction will continue to remove all the good things in your life. You can stop this from happening by entering drug and alcohol treatment at Lakeview Health. Our facility near Fort Worth, Texas, is designed to treat your addiction and provide you with the skills you need to have a successful life moving forward. Get your power and your happiness back by calling us today.

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