Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

What is the most important part of the addiction treatment process? Without question, the answer is detoxification. For those struggling from a heroin addiction, heroin withdrawal symptoms can be a scary thought. Anyone dealing with a heroin addiction has more than likely experienced the withdrawal symptoms, so they know how uncomfortable they can be.

Heroin can take hold of a person’s life in a terrible way. What was once a way to get high and escape from the stresses of life for a while is now something you must do in order to feel well. Many people who are in the grips of a heroin addiction are simply using as a way to avoid withdrawal symptoms, but heroin detox can help.

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last?

The human body is always trying to maintain balance. There are many different chemicals in the body that help it function properly, and there are different systems that tell you when to do certain actions in order to stay healthy. This is important for human survival because you know when to eat because you’re hungry, and you know when to drink water because you’re thirsty. When you’re regularly putting a new substance into your body like heroin, your body begins to adjust and will eventually need it in order to feel well. With every use of heroin, dopamine floods the system, and it becomes the new normal for the body.

Heroin withdrawal can last for days and weeks. Heroin withdrawal symptoms begin to happen when the dopamine is getting low, so the body and mind are now craving the drug. Unfortunately, unlike getting hungry or thirsty, the symptoms are much worse. The neurotransmitters in the brain start to misfire, and many other systems and organs in the body go into a state of shock. Symptoms of withdrawal can include flu-like symptoms, aches and pains in joints and muscles, nausea, anxiety, depression and much more. This is why so many people just continue using heroin. They believe it’s the easiest way to survive.

Heroin Withdrawal Treatment: Medically Monitored Detox

Men and women make the common mistake of trying to detox on their own. Not only does this often lead to a quick relapse, but it can also be very dangerous. Some people who try a cold turkey detox experience heart failure or other medical issues that can be fatal in some circumstances.

When you come to a qualified medical detox facility, you’ll have the care that you need to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable. You need a medical staff around you at all times to check your blood pressure and heart rate, and they’ll also be able to help minimize many of the common symptoms of withdrawal.

You will feel very minimal symptoms of withdrawal because you’ll be provided with medications that are designed to trick the brain into thinking you’re still using. The heroin withdrawal symptoms happen because the opiate receptors in the brain are vacant, so non-narcotic medications like Subutex are used to occupy that space and lessen the withdrawal symptoms. The medical staff will gradually taper off these medications because they aren’t meant to be taken as a replacement drug forever. The key to regaining control of your life is by learning a new way to live.

A New Life Through Addiction Treatment

Lakeview Health is here to help you overcome your symptoms of withdrawal from heroin, as well as help you begin a brand new life. Heroin is only a small part of the overall problem, and we want to show menand women that there’s a much better life waiting beyond active addiction. We’ve helped many people go on to live the lives that they deserve, so give us a call today for more information at (855) 572-8724.

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