Pain Pill Addiction Signs

In the United States, an average of one in 10 high school seniors admits to abusing prescription painkillers. With doctors prescribing thousands of painkillers each year, access is easier than ever for adolescents and adults. Like abuse of any other substance, it can be important to act quickly if you believe you or someone you know needs help. Pain pill addiction is a serious issue, but it can be effectively fought with professional treatment.

Specific Pain Pill Addiction Signs

According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, misuse of painkillers represents 75% of the overall prescription drug abuse in the US. If you believe someone you know has begun to abuse pain pills, you may be curious about what signs you can look for.

Frequently, individuals suffering from addiction to pain pills will appear drowsy or tired with constricted pupils. They frequently complain of being itchy and may nod off constantly. You may find short straws nearby that are an indicator they have been crushing their pills to snort them. Other items such as syringes, rubber tubes, or droppers are likely an indication of addiction as well.

Individuals who abuse opiates often display reduced social interaction, anxiety and drowsiness. They may also have slowed breathing, mood swings, or overall apathy and depression. Some signs can be more serious than others and are more likely to be present in the event of an overdose.

Why Pain Pill Addiction Signs Have Consequences

Eventually, individuals who abuse opiates for an extended period of time can become physically dependent. This dependence may lead to lifestyle changes that result in destructive behaviors. Some pain pill addiction signs may include:

  • Neglecting work or school
  • Asking for loans
  • Wearing only long-sleeve clothing
  • Spending all of their money on drugs

Any of these behaviors indicate an urgent need for rehabilitation and lifestyle change. Research suggests that long-term opiate abuse can lead to brain damage. This can greatly affect an individual’s decision-making abilities, behavior regulation, and stress response.

Your Best Choice Of Action If You Have Identified That Pain Pill Addiction Is Occurring

The best thing to do if you or someone you know is suffering from pain pill addiction is to seek treatment. A professional rehabilitation facility will be able to help you or a loved one step away from your harmful habits and work toward sobriety. Professional rehabilitation centers will offer evidence-based techniques that can offer you a real chance at sobriety. These techniques often include:

Lakeview Health offers quality drug treatment to men and women. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, our fully accredited treatment facility specializes in providing care that can be fully tailored to your needs. With staff available who will work hard to help you get better, you can rest assured that Lakeview Health will stop at nothing to help you or someone you know overcome addiction.

You don’t need to let addiction control your life or the life of a loved on. Reach out to us today at 855-572-8724 to verify your insurance and get started on the road to recovery.

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