How Drug Detox Works And Why You Need To Go Through It

No matter what substance you’re addicted to, the first step to attaining sobriety is to go through a drug detox program. Those who attempt to detox by themselves without knowing the dangers of self-detox and seeking professional help are likely to cave to withdrawal symptoms and relapse, which can lead to serious health problems or even death.

How Drug Detox Works

How Drug Detox WorksOver time, continued drug use turns into dependence. Once that happens, withdrawal symptoms become a serious concern. Even in the best circumstances, withdrawal can be uncomfortable. In extreme cases, however, users can experience hallucinations, seizures, and suicidal thoughts.

Through drug detox, patients are able to work through withdrawal symptoms with medical help. First, they will go through an evaluation process to determine what will be needed to help them remain stable throughout the program. Since different drugs affect the body in different ways, it’s important for doctors to know a patient’s history with addiction. Users will be questioned on:

  • What they use
  • How much they’re using
  • How often they’re using
  • How long they’ve been using
  • Medical history
  • Allergies to medications

That information changes how long patients stay in a drug detox program and what medications and treatments are used to stabilize them. Once they’re fully stabilized and able to continue treatment, they’re transitioned into an inpatient drug rehab or intensive outpatient program.

Enter A Treatment Center With Professionals That Know How Drug Detox Works

Drug detox is only helpful if you enroll in the right treatment program. If you enter a rehab treatment center with medical staff that isn’t familiar with how drug detox works, or how drug detox works for the specific drug you’ve been abusing, you put yourself at risk for harsh withdrawal symptoms that could be dangerous or even life-threatening.

At Lakeview Health, we work with patients struggling with different addictive substances. Along with our medical detox program, we offer residential treatment and an intensive outpatient program for those continuing their addiction treatment with us. Gender responsive treatment is available to both men and women and will be adjusted to meet the needs of each individual who comes to our Jacksonville location for help.

If you’re worried about paying for treatment, there are options for you. All healthcare providers are required to help pay for some addiction treatment costs. It doesn’t matter if you have a PPO with Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross, or another healthcare provider. We’ll work with you to see how much your insurance will cover.

Come To Florida For The Drug Detox Program You Need

You don’t have to go through drug detox alone. Call us today at 866.704.7692 and let’s work toward a future of sobriety.