Prescription Drug Abuse Can Affect Anyone

prescription drug abuseMany people might consider drug abuse to be a problem only for younger people. However, people of all ages are at risk for drug abuse problems. In fact, prescription drug abuse can lead many to illegal drug addiction. Getting help for drug abuse problems is crucial in order to live a sober life.

More Cases Of Prescription Drug Abuse Appear Every Year

Cases of addiction in patients aged 50 to 59 has increased over the past fourteen years. The number of people in their 50s admitting that they abused drugs during the past year nearly tripled from 2002 to 2009. The number of cases involving 50-somethings and drug abuse continues to grow each year. Hospitalizations and addiction treatment admissions for that age group have grown in proportion to the cases of reported drug abuse.

The increase in drug abuse cases is linked in part to baby boomers getting older. Some people believe that the increase is partially due to the use of illicit drugs by baby boomers in their younger years. Others believe that the increased number of people in that generation make an increase of drug abuse trends more likely.

Why Some Baby Boomers Struggle With Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug abuse problems can start for a variety of reasons. People who start abusing drugs of any kind are usually dealing with some kind of personal issues. Individuals in their 50s face a lot of changes in their lives as they age, including:

  • Deaths Of Loved Ones
  • Changes In Employment
  • Changes In Income
  • Physical Aches and Pains

While some baby boomers who start taking prescription pills won’t develop a prescription drug abuse problem, an aging body and slowed metabolism are going to increase the chances of problems arising. This is especially true for users who abused drugs in their youth. Even if they received help in the past, it’s easy for people to fall back into old habits, even if they’re bad or destructive.

Drug Abuse Treatment Options For Baby Boomers

Transitioning back to a sober lifestyle is always an option for men and women, no matter how long the drug abuse has been going on. It’s crucial that they don’t try to work toward sobriety on their own, however. Turning back to drug abuse can seem like the best option when people try to get sober on their own, especially in the early stages of recovery. Getting professional help at an addiction treatment center is the best way for baby boomers to start their journeys to sobriety.

The right addiction treatment center will provide baby boomers with programs that are designed to teach them coping skills and help them build and mend relationships. The best centers will make these programs adaptable so each patient gets the care and lessons he or she needs. The medical staff members at these facilities should also be familiar with the prescription drugs their clients are abusing, as the drugs involved change what programs their clients should enter and how those programs should be adapted. No matter what their needs, though, these centers will focus on the safety and quality of care their clients are receiving.

How Baby Boomers Can Overcome Their Prescription Drug Abuse Problems

If you or a loved one is abusing prescription drugs, professional addiction treatment is your most effective option. Call Lakeview Health today at 866-704-7692 to verify  learn about the programs and care we offer.