Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs

Lakeview Health is a culturally sensitive community that responds to the needs of individuals from all walks of life.

We offer an optional specialty treatment group to address the needs of patients looking to align their recovery with their Christian faith. If you choose this specialty group, you’ll attend a small group, family therapy and individual therapy specifically for that track. You’ll also participate in some activities and treatment components with the general patient population.

Christian Addiction Treatment

The North Star: Christian Addiction Treatment & Recovery

The North Star Program at Lakeview Health is for patients who want to draw on their Christian faith to help them recover from drugs or alcohol. Through biblical counseling, prayer, worship and fellowship with other Christians in recovery, patients learn how to live clean and sober while deepening their relationship with God and receiving His forgiveness and grace. Our therapists use the Recovery Bible, in addition to other resources written by experts in Christian addiction recovery. Read more detailed information on our Christian rehab program.

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Life's Onion Therapy

Offered as an optional closed group for patients, Life’s Onion is a therapeutic tool that allows patients to record their therapeutic goals and achievements on the actual petals of the onion. As the onion is peeled away, a flower is revealed showing the progress that a patient has made in rehab. It helps patients identify areas of their lives that they need to work on, and they’re able to leave the Onion project with better knowledge of themselves and their achievements.