Experiential Therapy & Expressive Treatment

Addiction treatment at Lakeview Health goes well beyond counseling and group meetings. Our experiential therapy programs offer patients unique ways to understand their addiction, work on coping and recovery skills and establish healthy habits. These types of alternative treatment can provide a way to engage patients who respond slowly to conventional therapies. Currently, Lakeview Health’s gender responsive treatment program offers these experiential and expressive therapies.

Recreational Therapy

Play is a big part of recovery. Working with a trained recreational therapist, Lakeview patients actively engage in play therapy-games, activities and recreational outings-where they have a chance to explore unsettled issues and learn healthy ways to relax and engage with others, all in a safe, non-threatening space.

Wellness Therapy

Fitness and wellness are important components in the Lakeview Health treatment approach. Establishing healthy behaviors like eating well and exercising regularly can help support a patient’s long-term success at sobriety. While in treatment, patients participate in daily, gender-specific fitness classes led by a certified exercise physiologist. Exercise helps to detoxify the body while strengthening muscles, leading to a feeling of well-being. The body responds well to cardiovascular exercise expediting healing from long-term drug and/or alcohol use.


Yoga encourages the patients to focus on breathing and their inner body to help alleviate the stress from detoxification. Yoga teaches our patients to repair their bodies from the inside out. Our yoga therapy classes are held three to four times a week by a certified yoga instructor.

Music Therapy for Recovery

Led by Brittany Harmon, licensed music therapist, the Music and Recovery Program helps patients learn to relate and feel again-something many people with drug or alcohol addiction have forgotten how to do. Through this program, patients have the opportunity to be introspective about lyrics, tempo and beat. This, in turn, gives them permission to explore and become more comfortable with their feelings.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy offered at Lakeview Health offers patients an opportunity to engage in a range of therapeutic recovery art activities allowing them to express feelings and thoughts; utilizing coping skills; and exploring opportunities for change. The goals are to improve insight, raise self-awareness, promote change, evoke a spiritual awakening as defined by the 12 steps, and strengthen communication skills both verbally and non-verbally (Chickerneo, 1993). 

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Lakeview’s Equine and Recovery Program is offered in cooperation with PX Enterprises, a certified EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model program, and uses its working therapeutic horse farm in Green Cove Springs, Florida. The program of equine therapy (not riding) is designed to deepen patients’ understanding of their substance use through engagement with horses. Trained horsemanship facilitators who are also licensed in mental health and addiction help patients see parallels between their addiction and recovery and their work with the animals.

Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy is a weekly program offered by Lakeview Health in partnership with Saltwater Cowgirls. In this gender-specific program, patients work with surf instructors to learn the basic principles of surfing. A Master’s-level clinician works with patients to process their experience and apply it back to their early recovery journey. Patients learn how to manage frustration, increase tolerance, adopt perseverance, and build strength and self-confidence.

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