Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

According to the Mayo Clinic, anyone who uses opioids risks addiction to these potent drugs. That truth equally includes you, whether you use opioids by prescription or buy them on the street. Once addiction occurs, you need help from an accredited opioid addiction treatment center.

Did you know that most overdose deaths today occur because of opioid abuse? Rarely, if ever, do any of these people ultimately dying from their drug use start their addiction purposefully. Most people believe they can outwit the addictive tendency of their drug when they start using it. It is only through withdrawal symptoms that they realize they can no longer live without opioids.

That is, they must choose between using more opioids or getting help from a quality opioid addiction treatment center to live free of these drugs. Even if you suffered chronic pain and used opioids for some normalcy in your life, addiction and chronic pain recovery center Jacksonville, FL can help you. You can enjoy a life without chronic pain or opioid addiction, with treatment.

How the Road to an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Begins

As said above, no one sets out purposefully to need help from an opioid addiction treatment center. You started using your opioids with a simple desire to stop feeling chronic pain. Or maybe you bought these drugs on the streets to feel their euphoric, pleasurable effects. However you fell into addiction, your only way out is now an opioid addiction treatment center.

The road to an opioid addiction treatment center Jacksonville Florida starts with those first uses of your drug. You quickly realized how good you felt when taking opioids, compared to how you feel without them. In this way, your opioid abuse likely began through self-medication of anxiety, depression, chronic pain or another real medical condition. For true recovery, you need dual diagnosis treatment at an accredited opioid addiction treatment program Jacksonville FL.

Opioids change how your brain works. These drugs activate the reward centers of that most vital organ, triggering the release of feel-good brain chemicals. This flood of pleasure chemicals soon becomes something you cannot go without. So you increase your dose over time and keep abusing opioids. You do so, despite knowing the life damage these drugs cause.

As the drug’s effects wear off, you crave them again. So you keep using more and more opioids as you rush down the path to addiction. Even worse, you risk deadly overdose like so many hundreds of thousands of Americans experienced from opioids. You need help from an opioid addiction treatment program in Jacksonville, FL before this happens to you.

Risk Factors for Opioid Addiction

Using opioids in ways other than the manner for which they were manufactured, such as snorting or injecting the drug, brings extreme risk. These methods rapidly introduce the drug into your system. They also cause greater risk for overdose. It also increases your likelihood of addiction, just like using too much or taking your pills too often.

Every day you use opioids, you also increase your risk of addiction. After only five days on these drugs, you put yourself in a category at great risk for addiction and continued to use a year from now.

woman in therapy at an opioid addiction treatment centerOther factors putting you at risk for opioid addiction, as well as the need for an opioid addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. These include genetic, psychological and environmental factors. Some of these are poverty, unemployment, family history of drug use, personal drug history, age, and criminal background. Exposing yourself to people or environments of substance abuse also increases your risk of addiction.

Even more factors for opioid dependency include past problems in work, home, and social situations. If you smoke, have a tendency to take risks or seek thrills, live under intense stress or have a history of mental health disorders, you also have a high risk for addiction to opioids. Receiving substance abuse treatment for opioids or other drugs in an opioid addiction treatment center also leaves you vulnerable for repeated addiction.

Treatment You Receive in an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Jacksonville Florida

The treatment you receive in an opioid rehab includes:

Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL provides rehab treatment for men and women seeking long-term recovery from drugs or alcohol. When you find yourself struggling with opioid abuse, call Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692. Talk to a caring professional about your need for an opioid addiction treatment center and start getting that help today.