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teen girl sits on bed in bedroom avoiding entering teen drug abuse statistics As a parent, recognizing teen drug abuse can be very difficult. Many parents around the United States are baffled when they find out the severity of their child’s substance abuse. And most will blame themselves, whether it’s warranted or not.

What you need to understand is that teen drug use doesn’t always mean that there was neglectful parenting. Whether a child had a tough childhood or a perfectly ideal upbringing, it’s possible for both scenarios to end with drug or alcohol addiction. The most important thing to do is not to lose hope. When you see the signs of addiction, reach out for help. A treatment center can ensure your child can get the help he or she needs and go on to live a happy, productive life.

Teenage Drug Use is Progressive

Teens are naturally compulsive and very curious, and many teens are going to experiment with drugs while they’re in high school. This can be for a variety of reasons from stress, to peer pressure to natural curiosity. Not every teen who tries drugs will become addicted, but some will. Teens are more likely to develop a substance abuse problem due to their underdeveloped brains, and this often happens because they’re using drugs as a way of coping with feelings they don’t want to face.

Addiction is a progressive disease, which means your teen can recover if he or she gets help as soon as possible. The common mistake parents make is thinking that their son or daughter is simply going through a phase and turn a blind eye, but this can be dangerous. Innocent experimentation can turn to harder drug use, and ignoring the signs of heroin use or signs of opiate use can result in your teen spiraling into abuse or addiction.

When a teen continues to use drugs in an abusive way, it becomes increasingly difficult for him or her to recover. Not only do such teens become more curious about other more dangerous substances, but they become more dependent as well.

What Makes a Quality Teen Drug Abuse Program?

A quality teen addiction treatment program is going to have treatment methods that are specifically geared toward teens. This is extremely important because teens must be treated differently than adults. Some facilities don’t have separate programs for teens, and this can be counter-productive for your child’s recovery. When mixed with older men or women who have been using drugs for years, a teen can think some of the following:

When teens are in a group of their peers, they’re able to be much more receptive to suggestions and information. It’s one thing for an older man or woman to tell teens something. However, it’s much different when they’re getting support from one another. This type of environment helps teens feel more comfortable with their issues, and it allows them to open up during group as well as individual sessions.

Lakeview Health can Help with Teenage Drug Abuse

At Lakeview Health, we’ve treated many young adults or teens of legal adult age (18 or older) who are struggling with teen drug use issues, and we have a variety of different programs to help your son or daughter. Not only do we have a medically monitored detox program, but we also believe in having fun in recovery as well.

One of the common reservations that teens have when it comes to quitting drugs is that they won’t be able to have fun anymore. We’re here to let your child know that this isn’t the case at all. They’ll be able to get involved with expressive therapy, surf, music, and equine therapy.

Your child can break free from addiction with effective drug rehab for teens. Give us a call today at 904.677.5010 to find out more about our program.

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