Men’s Medically Monitored Detox

MensDetoxOne of the Lakeview Health distinctives is our on-site detox facility. Many addiction treatment centers handle the detoxification process through a local hospital or other medical facility, or they only admit patients who have already completed detox. At Lakeview, detox is handled at our accredited facility on our own campus.

Detox is part of the integrated approach to addiction recovery at Lakeview. Our state-of-the-art facility in the Star of Lakeview, our men’s-only program, is the first step in the process. Licensed staff provide a customized delivery of physician-approved and monitored procedures, and medical professionals are present 24 hours a day to supervise your recovery. The medical practitioners collaborate with the therapy staff to formulate a continuing recovery plan. They are also available to treat any co-occurring physical health problems that patients experience.

Having an on-site detox facility allows men to begin their journey to addiction recovery earlier. While in detox, you will participate in the New Beginnings program, which orients you to the Star of Lakeview program and prepares you for the therapeutic process that follows the medically monitored withdrawal period. Although not as intense as primary therapy, the New Beginnings program helps get you started working through the re-emerging feelings that had been suppressed by substance abuse.