Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

At Lakeview Health, patients have the opportunity to participate in our continuum of care that extends from medically monitored detox to intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our intensive outpatient level of care allows some time for patients to experience part of each day outside of the treatment facility. IOP patients have a structured day at the facility, and return to off-campus provided apartments in the evenings. Transportation is provided to and from the Lakeview campus each morning and afternoon.

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Recovery from a substance use disorder requires healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. At Lakeview Health, our intensive outpatient program level of care provides patients with more time outside of the treatment facility to practice their recovery skills. Early addiction recovery is a fragile phase in a person’s life as they begin to transition from treatment to everyday life on their own.

Outpatient Rehab Level of Care

The outpatient rehab level of care is all about being accountable for yourself and setting goals that provide focus for working on a recovery and aftercare plan. Patients continue with group therapy, individual therapy, and medical and psychiatric appointments as needed. At the IOP level of care, patients are working with their primary therapist, case manager, and aftercare coordinator to ensure success in recovery once they leave Lakeview Health.

Incorporating Experiential Therapies

Building the confidence to live life in sobriety takes time. Patients in IOP are able to participate in experiential therapy, which includes surf therapy and equine therapy. These groups are optional.

Patients who attend surf or equine-assisted therapy without previous experience, often express that they feel more confident and enjoy having tried something new. Some patients participate to re-engage with an activity they enjoyed prior to their struggles with addiction. Either way, experiential therapies are available to help patients get out of their comfort zones, expand their perceptions of addiction and sobriety, and develop a stronger sense of self confidence.

Practicing Addiction Recovery Skills Learned in Treatment

Patients have more opportunity to practice their addiction recovery skills in real-world situations during the intensive level of care. When patients complete their day treatment on the Lakeview Health campus, they can use the rest of their day for additional therapy groups or down-time at the off-campus apartments. Each day patients attend off-campus 12-step meetings. During the weekend they also participate in off-site recreation activities and Spirituality. Patients can rest assured that if they struggle with something one day, their Lakeview team remains available for guidance so they can work through the issue and learn from the situation.

Other Levels of Care