Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

At Lakeview Health, patients have the opportunity to participate in our continuum of care that extends from medically monitored detox to intensive outpatient program. Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) level of care is the point of re-entry into living part of each day outside of the treatment facility. PHP patients have a full, structured day at the facility, and return to off-campus provided apartments in the evenings.

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Partial Hospitalization Program Provides Structure

Early recovery requires transition and making a transition requires as much structure as possible. When individuals stop actively using drugs and alcohol, their day-to-day routine must also change. During the partial hospitalization program, men and women continue to participate in our gender-responsive, structured treatment program where they can continue to build and refine their recovery skills.

Transportation is provided to and from campus each morning and evening. From 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, patients engage in therapy groups, have appointments with medical and psychiatric providers as needed, and eat their meals at the on-campus dining rooms.

Experiences Off-Campus

Residing at off-campus apartments, individuals practice addiction recovery skills learned in treatment and apply them to their day-to-day life. Partial hospitalization program patients attend 12-step meetings at off-campus locations and participate in off-site recreation activities on Saturdays, as well as off-site Spirituality on Sundays. Utilizing new coping skills, patients learn to adapt and refine skills to address the ever changing circumstances that life can throw their way.

Other Levels of Care