Our men’s program, the Star of Lakeview, provides an integrative approach to help males heal their mind, body, and spirit. Instead of simply focusing on abstinence from drugs or alcohol and 12-step meetings, our integrative treatment approach deals with core aspects of recovery that address the patient as a whole — looking at the medical, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of men’s recovery.

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Healthy Values Designed For Men’s Rehab

At Lakeview Health, we practice three core values that hold patients accountable to themselves and others, reinforce communication, and teach the importance of respect and trust. The three values you will learn are:

  • The need for clear and honest communication
  • Respect and trust of self and others
  • Accountability for self and willingness to hold others accountable

These values permeate all aspects of the Star’s clinical program. You will practice these as a patient, and all staff members are also expected to adopt these values in working with one another and patients.

Physical Health with Supportive Medical Care

Our medical team is prepared to treat not just the addiction but the medical acuities that can be caused by long-term drug and/or alcohol use. Additionally, they are ready to address the many co-occurring issues that accompany addiction. Our medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and psychiatrists work with you to monitor and stabilize your physical health so you can begin to focus on your recovery.

Experiential and Expressive Therapy

Experiential and expressive therapies give you space to become aware of feelings you may have pushed aside. Expressive therapy—like art, music, and recreation therapy provides patients with more creative spaces to feel and express their emotions. Sometimes words cannot express feelings the way a piece of music or art is able to through color, pattern, texture, or sound.

Our exposure therapy such as equine-assisted and surf therapies—allows patients who are further into their treatment to step outside their comfort zone and learn how to feel again. These treatment modalities help patients open up in non-traditional talk therapy, giving them the space to sit with feelings they have not had or dealt with for some time.

Trauma-Informed Care

All staff at Lakeview—from the dietary and environmental staff to senior leadership—have been trained in trauma-informed care. We recognize that treating trauma is often necessary as a part of treating addiction. Creating a safe space for you to address trauma openly can help with early recovery.

Sexual Health

At Lakeview, our groups often explore the concepts of sexuality and relationships to understand the role these play in addiction and recovery. Staff members with expertise in sex addiction also allow us to dive a bit deeper into a patient’s sexual addiction. Since the Star of Lakeview is a males-only program, men have private space away from women to explore these issues.

Note: We are not a sex addiction facility. Although we can address some aspects of sex addiction, in cases where a patient’s sex addiction supersedes the client’s substance addiction, we refer them to facilities that specialize in addressing those issues.

Systemic Health

Our approach addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Our health and wellness program, which includes the fitness program and our wellness center, focuses on the needs of the body. Psychotherapy and psychoeducation help heal the mind, and we incorporate spirituality into programming that allows patients connect spiritually.

Neurological Health

Addiction deeply affects the brain. Recall and memory can be traumatized by long-term drug and alcohol abuse. The introduction of My Brain Solutions, a computer-based memory program, helps patients work on memory recall and exposure.

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