Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment

The Star of Lakeview men’s residential treatment program provides a place for males to begin recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Every part of the program has been designed to meet the needs of men in recovery.

Gender-Responsive Treatment

MensResidentialThe factors that contribute to both addiction and recovery are different for men and women. Men’s addiction often revolves around societal definitions of masculinity and the expectations our culture places on men. It is critical, therefore, that drug and alcohol treatment programs for men take their particular needs into account.

Gender-separate treatment is beneficial for men. Group therapy can focus on specifically male issues, and experts suggest that the absence of women may allow men to be more open about their experiences and feelings. It also frees them from the possible distractions of romantic and physical attraction that can be experienced by men as the drugs and alcohol leave their systems and long-repressed feelings are allowed to surface.

Redefining Typical Male Experiences

Many aspects of men’s social lives involve the use of substances, particularly alcohol. Sporting events, guys nights out, and other men-only events can center on drinking. Part of men’s recovery, therefore, must focus on redefining these experiences. Men with substance use disorders need to learn how to participate in these activities without the use of drugs and alcohol.

An example of Lakeview’s approach to redefining male experiences can be seen in the dining facilities of the Star program. The men’s dining room resembles a sports bar, with big-screen TVs and dark wood decor. Because such an environment would normally be a trigger for substance use, it is important that men learn to enjoy such spaces without feeling the need to drink. In our dining room, they discover that it is possible to watch—and enjoy—a football game without consuming alcohol.


Our facilities also play a role in gender-responsive treatment. Our newly remodeled men’s treatment program has been designed so that the space itself plays an active role in the recovery process. The fact that the Star of Lakeview men’s program and the Rose of Lakeview women’s program are completely separate allows each program to be gender exclusive.

The Elements of Residential Recovery

Mornings at Lakeview are usually spent in various group sessions. In the afternoon, patients work with fitness programs. After dinner, they attend 12-Step meetings.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are where people in recovery begin to address the root causes of their addiction. You will work with licensed therapists to address past trauma, emotional issues, and personality disorders. Psychotherapy and psychoeducation groups allow men to share thoughts and feelings, support their peers, and learn new skills and tools that can be used to cope in healthier ways.

Health and Wellness

Attending to your health and wellness through physical activity has been shown to contribute to recovery. A healthy body provides greater energy and concentration, stabilizes emotional states, and can even reduce cravings for substances. Instead of being a place to bulk-up, our state-of-the-art gym focuses on getting men in shape as an aspect of their recovery.

Various programs help patients focus on their overall wellness. Time spent in the gym introduces you to both strength training and cardio workouts, with enough variety in the sessions that everyone will find something he enjoys. Men also attend yoga sessions where they learn to achieve physical and spiritual balance.

12-Step Programs

Twelve-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide encouragement, support, and fellowship to those in recovery. Both AA and NA meetings are available at Lakeview Health. We also offer Celebrate Recovery meetings that focus on an intentionally Christian approach to the 12-Step tradition.

Educational Programs

Educational opportunities focus on issues related to recovery. Lectures on nutrition, fitness, aftercare, and overall wellness complement the skills learned in other aspects of the program.

Expressive Therapies

Expressive therapies provide you with ways to begin to reconnect with emotions that have been suppressed by drug and alcohol use.

Music Therapy

Music therapy gives patients the opportunity to be introspective about lyrics, tempo, and beat. This, in turn, gives them permission to explore and become more comfortable with your feelings.

Recreational Therapy

Working with a trained recreational therapist, the Star of Lakeview patients actively engage in play therapy—games, activities, and recreational outings—where you have a chance to explore unsettled issues and learn healthy ways to relax and engage with others in a safe, nonthreatening space.

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