Women’s Residential Treatment Center

The Rose of Lakeview is our women’s residential treatment center. It provides a place for women to begin recovery from drug and alcohol addiction — from medical detox to residential treatment to outpatient services. Every part of the program has been designed to meet the needs of women in recovery.

Gender-Responsive Treatment

WomensResidential-768x768The factors that contribute to both addiction and recovery are different for men and women. While men’s addiction often centers around issues of masculinity, the overwhelming majority of women with substance abuse disorders report at least one incident of significant trauma in their past, including abuse as a child, rape, and other forms of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and domestic violence. Because the experience of trauma is so closely linked with addiction, our program helps women address the trauma as they seek to overcome their drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Gender-separate treatment is highly beneficial for women. Group therapy can focus on specific female issues, and the absence of men allows women to be more open about their experiences and feelings. Studies have also shown that women tend to stay in women-only programs longer, and greater lengths of treatment have been shown to correlate with longer periods of sobriety. Women-only programs have been shown to lead to significantly less substance use posttreatment, and women are also more likely to enter treatment when a women-only program is an option.

Addressing Trauma

Historically, the treatment of addiction has been viewed as a more immediate need than the healing of past traumatic experiences. This has led providers to set aside issues of trauma until after addiction has been addressed. According to this philosophy, a woman will be in a better position to begin dealing with the emotions surrounding past trauma once she has achieved sobriety.

But because trauma and abuse are so prevalent among women with substance use disorders, Lakeview Health employs a trauma-informed approach to addiction recovery. Trauma contributes to addiction, and helping women heal from trauma should be a component of treating their addiction. The two issues often cannot be separated and must be addressed in tandem. To postpone addressing issues surrounding trauma is to ignore the reality of women’s experiences in addiction.


Our facilities also play a role in gender-responsive treatment. The Rose of Lakeview, our newly built women-only program, is a 54-bed, 35,600-square-foot facility that provides housing for women in treatment and serves as the location for their detox, medical care, and primary therapy. The program has been designed so that the space itself plays an active role in the recovery process.

The Elements of Residential Recovery

Mornings at the Rose of Lakeview are usually spent in various group sessions. In the afternoon, patients work with health and wellness programs. After dinner, they attend 12-Step meetings.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are where people in recovery begin to address the root causes of their addiction. They work with licensed therapists to address past trauma, emotional issues, and personality disorders. Most of our primary psychotherapy groups are 1:10 — 1 therapist and 10 patients, providing women with a space to get to know and support their peers, and feel safe sharing their own personal experiences.

Health and Wellness

It’s important for everyone to practice overall health and wellness. However, adopting a fitness routine has been shown to contribute to recovery. A healthy body provides greater energy and concentration, stabilizes emotional states, and can even reduce cravings for substances. Instead of being a place to focus on their outward appearance, our gym specializes in getting women in shape as an aspect of their recovery and focus on their overall wellness. Time spent in the gym introduces them to strength training and cardio workouts, with enough variety in the sessions that every patient will find something she enjoys. Women also attend yoga sessions where they learn to achieve physical and spiritual balance.

12-Step Programs

Twelve-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide encouragement, support, and fellowship to those in recovery. Both AA and NA meetings are available at Lakeview Health. We also offer Celebrate Recovery meetings that focus on an intentionally Christian approach to the 12-Step tradition.

Educational Programs

Educational opportunities focus on issues related to recovery. Our staff provide lectures on nutrition, fitness, aftercare, and overall wellness, which complement the skills learned in other aspects of the program.

Expressive Therapies

Expressive therapies provide patients with ways to begin to reconnect with emotions that have been suppressed by their drug and alcohol use.

Music Therapy

Music therapy gives patients the opportunity to be introspective about lyrics, tempo, and beat. This in turn gives them permission to explore and work through their feelings.

Recreational Therapy

Working with a trained recreational therapist, the Rose of Lakeview patients actively engage in play therapy—games, activities, and recreational outings—where they have a chance to explore unsettled issues and learn healthy ways to relax and engage with others in a safe, nonthreatening space.

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