Women’s Trauma Recovery Program

WomensTraumaIn the past decade, surveys of women in recovery from substance use disorders have shown that emotional and physical trauma are significant contributing factors to addiction in women. Although numbers vary because of differences in the definition of trauma, most studies have found that between 70 and 90 percent of women in addiction treatment have experienced at least one significant traumatic event in their past, including abuse as a child, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

Given that trauma is so frequently associated with substance abuse disorders in women, many have begun to question an approach that addresses one while ignoring the other. If trauma is a factor that leads women into addiction—as a way of numbing the emotional pain—then treating addiction without taking trauma into account could be counter-productive. It would be like treating the symptoms of a disease without doing anything about the disease itself.

The Rose of Lakeview is designed to give women a safe space to deal with past trauma. The women’s trauma recovery program ensures treatment is completely gender separate, providing an environment where women can discuss their emotional pain openly. And, because women’s trauma is frequently caused by male aggressors, the gender separation protects them from triggers that could hinder their recovery


Modalities used to treat trauma in The Rose of Lakeview include Seeking Safety, EMDR, coping skills, and various psychoeducational classes. In cases where a patient’s trauma overshadows our ability to help her, a clinical recommendation will be made to refer her to a facility that can better treat the trauma. Additionally, we teach grounding techniques that can contain certain trauma issues until the patient leaves treatment and is placed with an outpatient program that can more deeply address the patient’s trauma. Facilities at the Women’s Center have been created to compliment trauma treatment. Warm, quiet, low-energy spaces have been designed to help women feel safe and ready to open up.

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