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Expressive therapy options

Specific activities vary by individuals, but many patients enjoy spending time outdoors, exercising in our 10,000 square foot wellness center, and engaging in creative pursuits. Physical activity can reduce stress, while creative activities can be a way for individuals to work through the challenges that come with the recovery process.

painting in art therapy
Art and music therapy
Creative outlets can be an effective way for patients to release stress and negative emotions. Making art or music can also be a nonverbal way to work through the underlying factors that can contribute to addiction.
Surf Therapy
Surf therapy
Surf therapy allows patients to learn a new skill while practicing balance and patience in a supportive environment.  
Yoga therapy
Yoga is a form of physical activity that can easily be modified to fit every individual's physical fitness. During yoga therapy sessions, you'll learn to focus your breath and how to make your body feel better.
Frequently asked questions
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What type of addictions do you treat?

We treat substance use disorders from alcohol or drugs. We specialize in treating addiction that is often accompanied by a co- occurring mental health issue such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. As a medical center, we are also equipped to handle patients with more complex medical issues such as diabetes, heart or liver disease.

What addiction treatment programs do you offer?

We have gender – separate and gender – responsive programs for men and women who suffer from all forms of addiction. We have therapies that are trauma- informed, recreational, expressive, and even a family workshop. Our specialty groups provide options to focus on faith- based, trauma, chronic pain, LGBTQ+ and professionals.

What are the benefits of treatment at Lakeview Health?

Our team of Difference Makers is key to our patient success. They are compassionate experts in medical, clinical, psychiatry and therapeutic care. Our 24/7 detox and medical center means you can stay in one place to complete treatment. Our family workshop makes positive impacts on repairing relationships with family members that is important in long- term recovery.

What makes Lakeview Health unique?

20 plus years of treating patients with evidence- based, individualized care has given our team the value of experience getting patients on the road to recovery.

We utilize a holistic approach to treating the “whole” person- that means we support a balanced lifestyle for our patients, physically, psychologically and socially. This comprehensive method builds confidence through every step of treatment to build the skills you need to be committed to long- term sobriety.

How can I help a loved one struggling with addiction?

Drug and alcohol disorders cause changes in personality and behavior. Many times, these changes lead to problems both at home and at work. Trust your instincts. If you suspect a friend or loved one needs help, call Lakeview Health for more information. We encourage you to get involved, and get the education, counseling and support you need to understand addiction is a disease and we can help.

We accept most insurances including:

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Empowering profound recovery through:
Evidence based care

Lakeview Health utilizes clinical and medical approaches to treatment that are backed by the best available current research. We also tailor these treatment approaches based on patient needs, making us extremely effective at treating addiction.

Gender specific treatment

Best-in-class science recommends treating men and women separately based on the unique needs of each gender. Our facilities and programming have been built to reflect different treatment approaches for different genders.

Nationally ranked programs

Lakeview Health ranks in the top third percentage of 41 nationally benchmarked treatment centers for substance abuse, depression, panic disorder, and more, with a higher than average program completion rate.

Recognized for excellence in addiction treatment by:

A structured, secure environment

Our Florida residential treatment center allows individuals to safely remain at the facility during their time in treatment, enabling them to fully immerse themselves into the program and focus on what matters most: achieving long term recovery.

Led by clinical Difference Makers.

At Lakeview Health, our clinical team is at the heart of all we do. Their dedication, passion, training, and professionalism sets them apart and positions our team as industry leaders.

Our Difference Makers work hard to empower profound recovery every day. They’re here to listen to you, educate you, guide you, believe in you, and keep you accountable.

Embraced by courageous alumni

Our Difference Makers work hard to empower profound recovery every day. To us, what matters is our patients leave treatment feeling inspired and mentally prepared to continue their healing process. The proof of our success is in the data.

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