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At Lakeview Health, we offer comprehensive, integrative, data-driven alcohol, opioid, and substance use disorder treatment services tailored to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Your total health and lifelong recovery are our goal. Our multidisciplinary Florida addiction treatment programs combine the highest quality physiological, psychological, emotional, and psychosocial care available for alcohol or drug addiction help. We utilize these programs alongside addiction therapy services in order to create a well-rounded residential addiction treatment program for our clients.

What Makes Lakeview Different?


At Lakeview, we hire people who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to helping people recover from substance use disorder. We believe rehabilitation is most effective when it takes place in an environment of health and healing. When you walk through our doors, you will notice that the environment at Lakeview is friendly and welcoming. With a low staff-to-patient ratio, we are able to focus on rebuilding relationships, working through cravings, conflict resolution, and stress management. 

What if I Am Suffering from Addiction and Chronic Pain?


Recovering from certain types of addiction without assistance causes physical and psychological discomfort. Our chronic pain recovery center provides specialized treatment for men and women dealing with the effects of chronic pain. At Lakeview, we believe that fear of withdrawal should never discourage people from attending residential addiction treatment. We understand that many people have anxiety about the residential treatment process, especially when chronic pain is involved. While addiction recovery is not easy, the residential program at Lakeview makes recovery attainable. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible while you grow and heal. After working with you to create an individual recovery plan, our difference makers will help guide your recovery and help you move forward through treatment.


Is an Addiction Treatment Program for Professionals Right for Me?


At Lakeview, our goal is to help people maintain employment and return to the workforce. All successful substance use disorder treatment programs have certain things in common. An addiction treatment program for professionals needs to be committed to evidence-based addiction treatment. They are verified by patients and practitioners on the front lines of treatment. And they have been proven successful by the sustained sobriety of their alumni. Sobriety is not a guarantee — that ultimately depends on you — but the best addiction centers instill in their patients a dedication to the process of recovery that supports them through the work of treatment and then helps them navigate the near misses, slips, and relapses that often occur in the months and years following discharge.

Our Jacksonville addiction treatment center meets and exceeds the standards established by addiction experts by drilling down on every detail related to your treatment. Lakeview Health offers a full range of on-site treatment for people who are looking for a new lease on life.


What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?


The partial hospitalization program we offer at Lakeview Health relies on our rigorous, research-centered, functional approach to addiction treatment and recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Clients in our partial hospitalization program are medically monitored while they attend treatment. When people are addicted to both stimulants and depressants, recovery can be even more challenging than it is for people with only one addiction. Patients in our partial hospitalization program attend workshops, therapy, and group sessions during the day. In the evenings, they can socialize, watch TV, or work out. A partial hospitalization program is ideal for people who need to be medically monitored.


Can an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Help Me?


Our intensive outpatient program takes an employment-style approach to addiction treatment allows patients to return home to their families at the end of the day. We only recommend an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for people who have a supportive, sober home-life. This program can also be beneficial for someone who may have had addiction treatment in the past. Our committed, compassionate team members will provide residents with the tools and support they need in order to take back control of their lives. Attending treatment for addiction takes time, energy, and commitment, but the alternative can be catastrophic. Attempting to stop using heroin or other narcotics without assistance is a lonely and often short-lived approach to conquering addiction. When you are ready to start a treatment program that actually works, give us a call.

Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

What Is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness involves intentional, non-judgmental attention to events and feelings in the present moment. This may seem like a fairly simple concept, but mindfulness is a skill that sometimes takes years to develop. A mindful person is aware of–but never consumed by–the people and events around them. Mindfulness is especially relevant to us at Lakeview Recovery because it has been proven to help people avoid relapse. Taking a calm, mindful approach can also help people improve relationships with family and friends. Forming healthy connections with people often starts with having self-awareness and gratitude.


Aftercare at Lakeview


Mindfulness-based relapse prevention is an essential part of a rehab aftercare program, which provides support after treatment and helps to prevent relapse. Identifying high-risk scenarios is key to this treatment. At Lakeview Health, we dig deeper than other Jacksonville drug treatment centers by raising awareness of triggers, helping clients monitor emotional responses, and situation-based sessions. In the event of a relapse, we use acceptance and awareness acquired through mindfulness training to help people recognize and minimize guilt, blame, and negative thinking that increase the risk of relapse.


Florida Addiction Treatment Program Services at Lakeview Health


At Lakeview Health, our comprehensive treatment services are designed to heal the whole self. Our team of experts addresses the addiction simultaneously with any co-occurring mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as physical health issues like respiratory or cardiovascular ailments caused by prolonged substance use. We strive to support complete wellness as you begin your recovery. Through our dual diagnosis treatment program, we are able to address all issues our clients face, giving them their best chance at achieving their recovery goals.

At Lakeview Health, we offer the following services and programs:

Addiction therapy services we also provide during these programs include the following:

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What Insurances Do You Accept?


We currently accept Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. We do not currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Florida Blue.

At Lakeview Health, we strive to remain COVID-free. Staff and patients wear masks and are temperature-screened every day.


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