Partial hospitalization program
An inpatient program is not always the right choice.

For those who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, an inpatient program is not always the right choice. While residential treatment can be helpful for those who are going through detox or who are beginning the road to recovery from a severe addiction, for some, an outpatient program can be equally effective. At Lakeview Health, one of the levels of care we offer is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Our partial hospitalization program includes full-day treatment in a structured environment. However, our patients return home at the end of each day, which offers them a chance to put their new healthy coping skills to the test in a real-world environment.

Patients in a PHP typically live at home or at a recovery residence and commute to our addiction treatment programs each day. This offers you the opportunity to begin using your recovery skills outside of the treatment environment, yet still receive daily support in recovery. Our PHP in Jacksonville, Florida is ideal for those looking to begin treatment while remaining at home or those who are ready to take the next step in a more comprehensive treatment plan. No matter what step in treatment you’re on, Lakeview Health is here to provide the full continuum of care you need to achieve lasting recovery.

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What Is a partial hospitalization program?

Partial hospitalization programs were designed to provide an alternative to inpatient care for substance use disorders. Although “hospitalization” may be in the name, Lakeview Health is not a hospital. Our center is comfortable and welcoming. Here, you’ll be able to focus on your journey to recovery away from the stresses of everyday life.

Not sure if a PHP is right for you? It might be a good choice if you:

Therapy Sessions for Addiction Treatment
Daily sessions

You’ll attend sessions on most weekdays for several hours a day

Group Therapy For Addiction Treatment
Group therapy

Group therapy will take up most of your time in treatment. During sessions, you might work on life skills, or talking through challenges you’ve faced on the road to recovery.

Relapse prevention

Relapse prevention is key to maintaining a healthy life.

Taking the first step towards recovery
The first step is always the hardest

Taking the first step is tough. We understand what’s going through your mind as you consider entering our PHP in Jacksonville, Florida. We know what it’s like to be afraid of recovery and sobriety. To get started, provide your contact information below and one of our specialists will contact you within 30 minutes. They’ll help you begin the admission process, and answer any and all questions you might have–but you have to answer the phone when they call!

From here, they will explain the admissions process, what our partial hospitalization program entails, and what your next steps should be.

Benefits of a partial hospitalization program
Why do we recommend our PHP for so many of our patients?

This program offers a number of benefits, including:

How PHPs help clients transition to everyday life

This is a critical moment in the recovery process. If you’ve been through detox, inpatient, and residential rehab programs at Lakeview Health or another facility, you’ll probably have about a month of sobriety under your belt, but this will vary with the individual. At this point, your body should be completely clear of alcohol and drugs and your mind should be accustomed to the idea that recovery is a lifelong process.

If you’ve uncovered any co-occurring mental health disorders during detox, inpatient rehab, or residential treatment, you’ve taken steps toward understanding how they relate to your substance use disorder and the role they play in your continued sobriety.

You’re ready to start practicing your new coping skills and healthy, substance-free lifestyle in unstructured settings – but you’re probably not ready to go it completely alone. Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) gives you the perfect balance between clinical supervision and personal responsibility. We add step-wise, structured, off-site experiences to your alcohol or substance abuse treatment programs to shift the ball slowly and carefully to your side of the court. Though your sobriety is–and has been since the beginning–dependent upon you and your level of commitment to the process, our partial hospitalization treatment program is committed to guiding you in such a way as to give you the best chance possible of long-term, sustained success. At every step, our staff works with you to develop a rehab aftercare plan to address your changing needs during early recovery and beyond.

Partial hospitalization program in Florida is where healing begins

At Lakeview Health, we provide a safe, comfortable environment where you can focus on healing in mind, body, and spirit. Our team of experts helps you address substance use disorders simultaneously with any co-occurring mental or physical health issues. The evidence-based, comprehensive care we offer can help you begin your recovery with structured support and build skills for long-term sobriety. Continuing treatment with an IOP rehab program is a great next option. The structured step-down in care ensures you receive the right support as you transition from treatment to your new life in recovery.

Even after you’ve completed a treatment program, we offer aftercare to ensure that our alumni have access to ongoing therapy and support as needed. Relapse prevention is an integral part of our treatment plans. Identifying your triggers for relapse and developing strategies to maintain your sobriety can help you rebuild your life in recovery. Connecting with our extensive alumni network or participating in 12-step meetings can help you stay focused on your goals.

Don’t put off getting the help you need. And if you’re concerned about a loved one, we can guide you through the process of finding the help they need.

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