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Our residential addiction treatment center offers gender-responsive, trauma-informed modes of treatment for substance abuse that have been tested by time and verified by decades of scientific research. Once you enroll in one of our facilities located in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll participate in numerous addiction therapy programs. These comprise a broad range of therapeutic approaches and have been designed to allow our team to construct an individualized treatment plan for each patient who walks through our doors. Among the approaches you will find at Lakeview health are:

This list is far from exhaustive, but if you or someone close to you is struggling with substance use, the difference makers at Lakeview Health can help. Reach out to us online today or call 904 531 3505 to learn more about what we can do for you.

What is residential treatment?
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A residential addiction treatment center like the one at Lakeview Health allows individuals to remain at the facility during their time in treatment, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the program and focus on what matters most: achieving long-term recovery. Here, they learn stress management, life skills, and structure that they can implement once they return home.

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At Lakeview Health, our evidence-based addiction therapy programs provide the structure, insight, support, and skill-building that forms a solid foundation for your sustained recovery from addiction and related mental health disorders. They teach you how to transform coping mechanisms from harmful to helpful, replace old, self-destructive habits with new, life-affirming ones, and give you the tools needed to continue your recovery journey after completing residential addiction treatment.

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Is a residential addiction treatment program right for me?

Finding a treatment center that is right for your unique needs is essential when you or someone close to you is battling alcohol or drug addiction. A top-quality residential program can provide a nurturing environment in which individuals who suffer from substance use problems can be sure to receive plenty of support. Because residents in programs like the one at Lakeview Health’s Jacksonville campus reside in the facility 24/7, they have the opportunity to get care around the clock and to receive the support they need for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Learning more about the benefits of this model — the advantages that are specific to residential treatment — can help you understand why this kind of program has been so beneficial for so many people.

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These benefits include but are certainly not limited to:

A structured, secure environment

Residential addiction treatment is administered in a safe, secure environment. As we have indicated, in this kind of program, you or your loved one will reside at the facility while getting treatment. As a result, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of each of our patients, including having medical professionals on hand who can both provide care and add a layer of accountability. In addition to medical staff there to focus on your physical well-being and help you manage your withdrawal symptoms, taking part in a residential addiction treatment program means that you will have addiction counselors walking you through your recovery at every step of the way. Whether you’re going through medically supervised detox or have moved through withdrawal and are beginning to build the foundation of your recovery, you will be in safe hands at all times.

Our residential addiction treatment center also provides patients with the structured environment they need to stay focused on recovery. Depending upon your needs, this may include a full schedule of individual and group therapy sessions and other treatment modalities you will need as you progress on your journey to sobriety. At Lakeview Health, we also focus on scheduling time for recreational activities, which will allow you to relieve stress, stay healthy, and build a strong support network by interacting with your peers.

Intensive rehabilitation

Residential addiction treatment programs like ours can provide a more comprehensive and in-depth approach to recovery than other levels of care. Instead of spending time with therapists and other addiction recovery specialists only a few times a week, a residential rehab program gives you the intensive time you need. And daily individual therapy sessions and bi-weekly group therapy sessions will provide you or your loved one with the chance to receive care at an intensive level; this will help you understand the root causes of your struggle with addiction and allow you to develop strategies for combating and eventually overcoming it.

Being in residential treatment means you’ll have access to all of the rehab services you need, all day, every day. In residential care, you do not have to worry about scheduling appointments, or worrying when your next session is, or whether you are getting enough help, allowing you to ensure that your recovery goals are front and center. And this greater focus on overcoming addiction, identifying triggers, and building healthy habits will serve as the building blocks for your recovery.

Social and emotional support

Residential addiction treatment does more than just provide you with the practical help you need for recovery. Emotional and social support are also critical parts of successful long-term rehabilitation. Taking part in residential care means that you will have an opportunity to share your story with peers who have similar recovery goals to yours. And just as important, you will be able to support them as you listen to their stories. Group therapy sessions are an essential part of residential rehab because they help you see that you are not alone and allow you to build a strong social support network that is so important for avoiding relapse. In residential care, you will both learn from others and share what you’ve learned about addiction and the recovery process.

Other levels of care also offer social and emotional support, but the further you move away from intensive residential care, the more limited this type of support naturally becomes.

How do I get started?
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We understand what’s going through your mind as you consider Addiction Treatment Programs. We know what it’s like to be afraid of recovery and sobriety. To get started, you can provide the intake team at Lakeview Health with your contact information, and one of our admissions specialists will contact you within 30 minutes. They’ll help you begin the admission process and answer any questions you might have. All you have to do is answer the phone when they call.

What can I expect in residential addiction treatment?

Residential addiction treatment programs like the one at Lakeview give you time to focus on recovery, deepen your connections within the Lakeview Health community, and dial in the components of your individual recovery plan that work best for you. As you move through residential treatment, your mind, body, and spirit are on the mend. You’ve had some time to heal, feel what it’s like to be drug- and alcohol-free, and establish relationships with your primary therapist, medical team, and peers in recovery.

Patients at this point in the treatment process – typically two to three weeks in – report positive progress on several levels. As the negative effects of the alcohol or drugs that hijacked your natural state of health and wellness begin to fade, you can expect increases in appetite, physical function, and mental clarity. Your mood may improve as your spirit emerges from the fog of addiction. These signs mean you’re on the right track, but you still have work to do.

Your physiological systems are ready for more activity, and your mind is prepared to replace the old coping skills of addiction with the healthy skills of sobriety. Under the guidance of your primary therapist, medical team, and group counselors, you maintain a full schedule of therapy, self-care, and reflection. Co-occurring disorders masked by alcohol and drugs may emerge, which can affect your treatment path. Dual diagnosis treatment allows us to provide you care for both your addiction and your mental health disorders so that you can recover from both simultaneously. Some therapies and process groups stay consistent throughout your stay at Lakeview Health. In contrast, others will be added or dropped based on your self-reported progress, the assessment of your medical team, and the input of your primary therapist.

We know that people follow varying recovery paths and will work with you to ensure your residential addiction treatment plan evolves in concert with your hard work toward long-term sobriety.

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At Lakeview Health, we provide a safe, comfortable environment that allows you to focus on your whole health: mind, body, and spirit. Our team of addiction treatment specialists will help you address alcohol and substance use disorders simultaneously with any co-occurring mental health or physical health issues. The evidence-based, comprehensive care helps you begin your recovery with structured support and build skills for long-term sobriety.

Once your time at our residential addiction treatment center is complete, you can continue onto our additional rehab programs that provide you with a full continuum of care. From intensive outpatient options to our Alumni network, Lakeview Health is here with you throughout the recovery journey.

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