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One common factor among many patients with addiction is that they have experienced is trauma

Addiction is one of the gravest issues facing Americans today. Millions of Americans struggle with addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, and illicit drugs. Addiction is a disease, and professional treatment is needed to help those who are struggling to overcome it. However, not all treatment programs take into account the factors that can contribute to substance use issues. For many, mental health issues, environmental factors, and even a family history of addiction can lead to drug or alcohol use. One common factor that many of those with drug or alcohol addiction have experienced is trauma. At Lakeview Health, we offer a trauma disorder treatment program to help our patients heal, recover, and rebuild.

Many of the individuals battling addiction suffer from underlying mental disorders that fuel their addiction. We refer to these as co-occurring disorders. The most common psychological issues that underpin addiction are well-known: anxiety, depression, and trauma. At Lakeview Health’s trauma disorder treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, we focus on Dual diagnosis treatment programs that take a comprehensive approach to the trauma that feeds the addiction.

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Have you suffered from trauma?

It’s possible that you or someone you love has been through a traumatic event without realizing it. Any incident that causes harm can be considered to be traumatic. Trauma can cause physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual harm.

Traumatic events might include:

This is not an all-inclusive list. Even events like moving, divorce, or the loss of a loved one can cause trauma responses.

By employing evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, mindfulness and meditation therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy, we help patients build the specific tools they need for long-term addiction recovery. Years of scientific research have proven these methods to be effective.

If you’ve been the victim of abuse or have experienced another form of trauma, your responses might vary. Shock is a typical response. You might feel numb after the event and even for several weeks. If you don’t have a strong emotional response to a traumatic event right away, this doesn’t mean that it won’t affect you down the road.

Some of the long-term effects of trauma can include flashbacks, nightmares, fear, and anxiety. Many individuals who experience a traumatic event develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Post-traumatic stress disorder

What is post-traumatic stress disorder? This mental health condition can impact those who have been through a traumatic experience. For most individuals who develop this condition, symptoms begin to appear within three months of the event.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder, which means that it is characterized by feelings of fear or worry. PTSD can impact how you respond to stress and other triggers. It can involve intrusive memories of the traumatic event, avoidant behaviors, changes in the way you think about yourself and the world around you, and even changes in your reactions to external stimuli.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, or are experiencing thoughts of suicide, reach out for help today. A trauma disorder treatment program can help you heal from PTSD and begin to take your life back.

Trauma and addiction
How are trauma and addiction linked?

How are trauma and addiction linked? Trauma can impact the way you think and respond to outside events. It can even change the way your brain functions. For many, the negative impact of past trauma is overwhelming. This can lead some to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

While drugs and alcohol may provide short-term relief from symptoms like flashbacks or anxiety, over time, substance use can actually exacerbate these issues. Addiction develops when the brain begins to rely on these substances to function, and you may find that you’re unable to stop drinking or using drugs even in the face of negative consequences.

At a treatment center that offers trauma-responsive care, you’ll receive treatment for addiction that takes into account how past events in your life may have led to substance abuse. And at our treatment center in Jacksonville, FL in particular, we focus on helping you heal from past trauma in a variety of ways. By using an array of therapeutic approaches, we focus on healing your addiction at its very root. This means treating your trauma alongside your addiction. And by offering trauma and PTSD treatment programs to address these issues, we provide you with the tools you need to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. If you have been exposed to traumatic events and are suffering from addiction, Lakeview Health’s trauma disorder treatment program might be right for you.

What can I expect in a trauma disorder treatment program?

Living with a substance use disorder as a victim of trauma is not easy. And as such, there is no easy solution. However, with a solid, individualized recovery plan that combines the right types of therapies and treatment, rehabilitation is possible.

During treatment at Lakeview Health, you’ll participate in group and individual therapy. We take a trauma-informed approach to treatment, which means that we take measures to avoid re-traumatizing our patients. If you’re not yet ready to talk about your experiences, we might take a different approach or use experiential therapies as part of your individualized treatment plan.

We offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Those who are struggling with a severe addiction might benefit from starting treatment in an inpatient program, which will offer 24/7 support in a structured environment.

Therapies we offer to treat trauma

Some of the types of treatment you will find at Lakeview’s trauma disorder treatment program in Jacksonville, FL includes:

These are only a few of the approaches you can expect to find in our mental health treatment programs. And importantly, all of these may be components of your personalized treatment plan at Lakeview Health.

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By getting the proper treatment through a trauma disorder treatment program, it is possible to recover from both addiction and trauma. At Lakeview Health, we have spent the last two decades providing Co-occurring disorders treatment to give people the help, guidance, and support that is essential to recovery.

In our treatment center, we support our patients every step of the way on the road to recovery. If you’re struggling with both addiction and a trauma disorder, we can help. Personalized treatment plans and a welcoming environment can be the tools you need to rebuild your life.

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