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As a Human Resources professional or employer, the well-being of your employees is a high priority- and for good reason. Mental and physical well-being is crucial to retention, productivity, and safety.

But how comfortable are you in your workplace’s preparation for managing employee substance abuse issues?

Our national account representative is dedicated to assisting companies in addressing substance abuse in the workplace.

From small companies to larger organizations, our addiction treatment resources are available to support your employees and their families struggling with addiction. Co-occurring physical and mental health issues have an impact in the workplace.



You and your company have a dedicated Lakeview Health National Account Manager trained in employee Behavioral Health issues. Your representative is devoted to your account across all locations, and the ability to provide your employees with consistent access to quality treatment at our Center of Excellence.



With some of the lowest readmission rates in the industry, Lakeview Health is committed to providing evidence-based treatment at the detox, residential and partial hospitalization (PHP) levels of care. In conjunction with our alumni team, we transition patients back to their community for long-term recovery.

During treatment, Lakeview patients have a National Account Coordinator that ensures that any personal/work-related details that need to be addressed are handled promptly, such as submitting FMLA, disability, and legal paperwork.

24/7 Medically-Monitored Detoxification—Full-time, onsite board-certified doctors and nurses provide around-the-clock supervision.

Inpatient Rehabilitation—Inpatient rehabilitation is a continuation of medically-supervised treatment for those who need an extended amount of time to stabilize from withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment—Residential treatment provides time to focus on recovery and incorporate the components of each individual’s recovery plan that works best for them.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment—Individuals live off-site and attend full-day treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment—Structured schedules allow for individuals to practice recovery skills with support.

Aftercare—Patients will set up individual therapy appointments, primary care visits, transitional living arrangements, support groups like AA or NA, and more as needed.

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SUD doesn’t occur in isolation, it impacts the workplace, the family and the community. Lakeview’s strong family support program has an impact long after their family member is discharged.

“This place is incredible! I sent my son here 5 years ago and he is still meth clean. They taught him all the skills he needed and I am grateful. I had him in so many other places and he could never defeat that demon until we found Lakeview Health. It’s because of this place and what they did for my son that I began college and am now in my last 2 classes for my Master’s Degree in Human and Social Services. I started from no degree and I want to serve in case management because of my sons case manager at Lakeview Health. Thank you for helping my son and giving him back to me with the grace of God!”

Upon admission, we also provide your employee with a national account coordinator who will serve as a liaison to help with FMLA and legal paperwork that might be needed. They will guide you through understanding the process employees will experience, assessing the best program, insurance benefits or worker’s compensation benefits, as well as talking with the employee and their family members as needed.

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Associate National Accounts Director

Robert Reece

National Accounts Representative

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National Accounts Representative

For more information on how Lakeview Health can get your employees on the road to recovery, please fill out this form to be contacted by a human resource professionals representative.