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Lakeview Health Addiction Resources

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Addiction can be devastating, not to mention life-threatening. Without the right addiction treatment, chances of beating an addictive habit are quite slim. Lakeview Health and Lakeview Health addiction resources have made a significant difference in the way addiction recovery is treated and managed.

Regardless of the type of addiction and substance abuse, there is a need for proper professional resources. According to a 2014 study in JAMA, between 40 and 60 percent of people treated for addiction relapse within a year.

Lakeview Health in Florida is a prime example of an advanced addiction treatment and recovery center. It has a wealth of resources aimed at improving the experience of the client while in treatment. In addition, these resources are important to reduce the chances of relapsing after the treatment.

Lakeview Health Addiction Resources for Families

Although maybe only one person in a family is battling addiction, the effects are usually far-reaching. Family relationships are destroyed or become dysfunctional due to the addiction. Spouses, children, partners, and the immediate family of the patient are also greatly affected. To ensure that everyone in this family circle recovers, group therapy is highly recommended.

Lakeview Health in Florida has a residential program targeting families. This three-day family workshop aims to bridge the gaps brought about by the addictive habit. In addition to healing any hurt in the family, our workshop also helps mend any broken relationships and restores balance in the family. We place emphasis on healthy coping skills and effective communication strategies.

Besides that, this program has workshops on relapse prevention. You and your family will sign a contract committing yourself to full recovery. This makes every family member accountable for healing and recovery.

Resources for Employers

Lakeview Health in Florida prides itself on its pain recovery and restorative rehabilitation program. This program helps patients with substance abuse history to recover and return to work. Our program addresses all aspects of recovery, namely the medical, psychological, and physical aspects.

This program deals with various kinds of chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addictions to non-narcotic medications. Furthermore, patients with either physical or psychological trauma are perfect for this program.

What makes the program so special is that there is a referral coordinator who will handle all issues about the program. This covers the treatment, insurance coverage, and aftercare planning procedures.

Addiction Resources for Professionals

Our program boasts a multidisciplinary team that makes the approach to addiction treatment and recovery all the more professional. What sets this program apart?

Most importantly, there are on-site visits with the patient and therapist to discuss progress. Besides, there is a weekly phone update with a therapist to monitor the process.

Addiction Resources for Alumni

Lakeview Health addiction resources in Florida perfectly understand how easy it is to relapse. The recovery process is not an easy one. That is why we have in place an alumni program to help our patients cope with the recovery.

We have an amazing alumni network in many cities in the country. These factors make the alumni program irresistible:

  • Private Facebook groups where issues can be handled professionally and progress monitored discreetly
  • Regularly planned sober living activities that place emphasis on accountability and fun
  • Professional and personal support. This is especially vital in helping patients re-enter and navigate society

We believe that with the right support systems, everyone can beat addiction. With our professionally developed health addiction resources, you stand the best chance of conquering addiction, and more importantly, staying sober.

Do not suffer in silence, and do not settle for the second-best. Contact us today at 866.704.7692 and let the journey to your full recovery begin.