Evidence based therapy program
"Shouldn’t every therapy program at an addiction recovery center be an evidence-based therapy program?”

In an evidence-based therapy program, we use treatment approaches and addiction therapies that have a history of helping people struggling with addiction overcome their dependency. You may ask, “But shouldn’t every therapy program at an addiction recovery center be an evidence-based therapy program?” The answer is, simply put, “yes.” But there is often confusion surrounding what constitutes an evidence-based therapy program. Some addiction treatment programs, for instance, claim that evidence-based therapy programs work best alongside other more holistic addiction therapies. Others consider these holistic approaches like yoga and nutritional counseling examples of an evidence-based therapy program. If you are looking for addiction treatment, it is useful to understand what an evidence-based therapy program is. And Lakeview Health’s evidence-based therapy program in Jacksonville, FL, is a great place to start.

What is an evidence-based therapy program?

The simplest definition of an evidence-based therapy program is that it is an approach that historically has had observably positive effects. When previous users of a program have had successful outcomes, we refer to that program’s success as “evidence-based.” One often-cited example — among many — is 12-step programs. 12-step programs do not operate on a clinical basis, running trials performed in a lab. But there is strong statistical evidence that 12-step programs work. An evidence-based therapy program should:

By exploring some examples of evidence-based therapy programs, you can better understand your options as regards your own treatment for addiction. And if you are seeking addiction help for a loved one, it is especially important that you know the range of available programs.

Examples of evidence-based therapy programs
CBT, family therapy and more

As articles in more than one peer-edited medical journal have pointed out, we tend to confuse the terms “evidence-based” and “research-based.” At Lakeview Health, we are dedicated to the idea if a program is going to work, it must be evidence-based. And that idea is the foundational principle of our evidence-based therapy program in Jacksonville, FL. Some example of the kinds of evidence-based approaches we use include:

These are only a few examples of approaches that we utilize in our evidence-based therapy program in Jacksonville, FL.

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