Addiction Therapy Services

Addiction Therapy Services

Addiction Therapy Services

doctor reassures female patient in office while providing addiction therapy servicesBecause addiction is incurable, early treatment is imperative. Florida inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient programs offer addiction therapy services which can improve your chances of fully recovering from addiction.

When you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder like tens of millions of Americans, you can sometimes feel lost, frustrated, or alone. Addiction is not an indication of poor willpower. Addiction is a progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal disease that can impair your judgment, change your brain chemistry, and damage your physical health. Abusing drugs and alcohol increases your chances of experiencing a fatal overdose. Sadly, drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the country, demonstrating the severe outcomes addiction can lead to.

What is Addiction?

Substance abuse disorders and prescription drug addiction cause you to compulsively continue to abuse drugs and alcohol despite experiencing negative consequences and having a desire to quit. Drugs and alcohol all carry the risk of addiction and anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race, can develop a substance abuse disorder. Drugs and alcohol are psychoactive substances that inhibit the release of pleasurable neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine.

When you abuse drugs and alcohol, your brain experiences a neurotransmitter imbalance and begins rewarding drug and alcohol use and punishing abstinence. Eventually, your brain can become completely dependent on your substance of choice in order to release neurotransmitters. You can also have opiate withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings whenever you attempt to stop using. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can make it difficult to remain abstinent.

Severe addictions require you to continue using not solely to get intoxicated but to avoid withdrawal. This can result in damaging consequences. Addiction can result in financial problems, especially if you are using most of your money to feed your habit. You may choose to acquire drugs and alcohol instead of paying bills or debts. Addiction can also cause:

  • Medical and mental health problems
  • Increased conflict with friends and family members
  • Legal issues
  • Employment instability
  • Housing problems

Our addiction therapy services can provide you with the support and guidance you need to help you recover.

How Addiction is Treated

A substance abuse treatment center can occur in be an inpatient or outpatient environment. Addiction therapy services utilize both evidence-based and holistic treatments. The highest level of care for a substance abuse disorder is inpatient treatment. Short-term residential programs may also provide medical detox programs. Most short-term inpatient treatment programs are for 28 days. Long-term residential programs can last for several months or longer.

Transitional housing, such as a sober living house, offers you a safe and supportive housing option. Outpatient addiction therapy services are less time-intensive and allow you to return home each night. Partial hospitalization programs meet for at least six hours per day, five days a week. Some partial hospitalization programs also offer outpatient detox services. Intensive outpatient programs typically meet for two or three days per week.

Finding Addiction Therapy Services in Florida Today

Addiction can damage your personal relationships, career, and family life. Unfortunately, addiction is a chronic condition that requires treatment. Without treatment, addiction progressively worsens and puts you at significant risk of experiencing major harmful consequences. During recovery, you can still experience cravings, especially when you are exposed to triggers. Nearly half of all people in recovery relapse at least once, making effective relapse prevention planning an integral part of treatment.

During treatment, addiction therapy services can provide you with the education, support, and skills you need to learn how to manage cravings. Although you may feel hopeless when you are trapped in addiction, recovery is possible. Contact us today at 866.704.7692 to learn more about your treatment options.