Music therapy program
Music therapy provides major benefits to your emotional, physical and mental wellness after substance abuse

A music therapy program can help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Also, according to research, music therapy provides major benefits to your emotional, physical and mental wellness after substance abuse. But few people understand how this therapy works in ways other addiction therapies do not.

You can access a music therapy program in addiction and psychiatric treatment programs. Whether you need only addiction treatment or suffer a dual diagnosis, this program can help you improve daily life, provide better stress management techniques, and add depth to your coping skills. Music is easily accessible and therapy methods easily transferable to everyday life. This makes a music therapy program in Jacksonville FL a great method to add to your overall treatment plan.

What is a music therapy program?
You don't have to dance, listen to or create music to enjoy its benefitis

A music therapy program is uniquely therapeutic, not like simply entertainment-based music. In addition, your therapist uses clinical and evidence-based methods that combine with music to help you reach goals in your recovery program. Also, your music therapy program Jacksonville FL is designed according to your specific needs.

It works well for emotional, social, physical, and mental wellness. In addition, it provides benefits for people suffering from a wide range of behavioral and physical health issues, including:

You do not have to have musical talent to benefit from music therapy. You do not have to dance, listen to or create music, either. Likewise, your music therapy program in Jacksonville FL does not limit you to a specific type or genre of music.

Music therapy as part of dual diagnosis care

A qualified musician who completed a music therapy program leads your sessions, guiding you in the creation of music, listening to it, moving to music or singing a particular selection. Also, your personal needs and music preferences combine for individual treatment planning.

Taking part in this therapy improves your abilities over time. As you grow, your skills transfer to other aspects of your life, such as making decisions, managing stress, and dealing with cravings.

Studies show that a program best suits people dealing with trauma, depression, and addiction. Goals for your treatment using music include muscle relaxation, reduction in anxiety, and openness toward your relationships. Although you cannot or do not want to verbalize some of your feelings, music helps you connect with your therapist in new ways. Also, this emotional connection leads to improved communication and building peer support through greater mutual understanding.

If you experienced trauma before or during your substance abuse, music therapy helps you process emotions and thoughts related to this trauma in a healthy manner. The therapy works very well for violent crime survivors, people with PTSD, and those with a history of abuse. Music reduces stress, relaxes you, and helps you improve your coping skills.

Co-occurring conditions of addiction, such as depression, benefit from music, too. In addition, a British Journal of Psychiatry study from 2011 found that moving to music, creating it, or engaging with others to make music all provide meaningful results for people with depression.

Benefits of music therapy include:

Using music and other methods to improve your recovery

Whether you need help for addiction or dual diagnosis disorders, music therapy adds depth to your program and treatment plan. Also, other good programs and therapies for your recovery include:

Through music, you can improve your potential for long-term recovery and wellness. In addition, learn more about the benefits of a music therapy program for your addiction and mental health recovery by calling Lakeview Health of Jacksonville at 904 677 5010.

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