How Can I Help an Alcoholic Friend?

You’ve been worried. You know that your friend is struggling. Maybe he’s the person at the bar who keeps drinking long after everyone else has stopped. Perhaps she’s the one calling you in the middle of the night rambling, drunk and emotional. Perhaps you’ve tried to say something in the past, yet you felt uncomfortable


The experience of drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be transformative. It is rare that we receive the time to talk with our peers who are struggling with the same problems as we are. In addition, we don’t always have the opportunity to be supported by trained mental healthcare professionals.  This article discusses the ways

Addict Behavior – Common Thinking Patterns in Substance Abuse Addiction

Man discussing common behaviors and thinking patterns in addiction

Most Common Addict Behavior Addict behavior is a specific thinking style that enables someone struggling with addiction to continue using substances despite negative consequences. The Journal of Neuroscience reported findings suggesting there may be a cognitive difference in people who suffer from addiction and that their brains may not fully process long-term consequences. Research also

Finding In-Network Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Financial concerns can hold some people back from seeking the help that they need for substance use disorder. There is a lot to consider when making the decision to go to treatment and finding a center that works for you in terms of care type, location, and therapeutic offerings. Many are often worried that treatment

How Alternative Addiction Treatment Leads to Long-Term Sobriety

About the Author Joe Gilmore is a professional writer for The Hope House, an organization dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of addiction treatment possible while staying in their luxurious Arizona rehabs. Joe has worked in the addiction space for the last three years. He works closely with therapists and nurse practitioners on

Does Your Young Adult Abuse Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among young adults and teenagers. One of the major reasons that it has become such a problem is that prescription drugs are often easier to obtain then illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Addiction treatment can help a young adult and their family recover from a prescription drug addiction.

Finding the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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Drug rehab is pertinent in order to have a successful recovery. Lakeview Health Systems provide each client with a treatment plan that caters to their needs. The best way to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of a treatment center.

Do I Need Trauma-Informed Care in Drug Rehab?

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Trauma-informed drug rehab programs are customized to help people address drug abuse that originates with a life-changing event. Taking time to understand how past events shape addiction and recovery experiences helps you make wiser decisions about treatment. Helping our clients make better decisions is vital to the Lakeview Health support network.  If you or someone