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Professionals Programs in Addiction Treatment 

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Many people swear by them—including me. Here’s the latest.  In the addiction treatment world, a professionals program is aimed at teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, business executives, and others in traditionally white-collar fields. It’s normally administered in one of two ways: Either the treatment center is dedicated entirely to professionals, or the center runs a program

6 Benefits of a Self-Help Network for Those in Recovery

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In addiction treatment, the term used is self-help. And it works. They say in recovery that the opposite of addiction is connection. And it’s true: Isolation is a huge contributor to relapse. That’s why building a self-help community is so key. It creates connections that make isolation almost impossible. Where to find your self-help community?

8 Myths About You and Your Addicted Child

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Addiction and addiction treatment are two areas of health care where—despite knowledge advances occurring almost daily—people often get stuck in the old ways of thinking. People like us parents of addicted young adults. We tend to hold fast to our myths, despite ample evidence that they’re just that: myths. The worst part of this tendency?

6 Addiction FAQs You Need Answers To Now

Support group answering addiction FAQs for parents

FOR PARENTS ONLY: 6 Addiction FAQs You Need Answers To Now At most support group meetings for parents of addicted children, the point of the gathering is to share, listen, and learn. This is incredibly helpful for parents. It certainly has been for me.  However, during these meetings, you’re generally not supposed to ask for

What Now!? Preparing for After Treatment

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Take it slow! Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is easy to be overwhelmed when returning home after addiction treatment. Job, family, friends and parents; you name it, want the best for us but also will have certain expectations of us. The best way to tackle this, is to take on one

Help a Loved One After Drug Rehab

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When a loved one goes to drug rehab, you may not be sure how to help them. Even after the person successfully completes treatment, you still may be unsure about what your role in their recovery should be. Learning how to help a loved one after drug rehab can ensure that they remain on the

Ask Yourself Questions As Part of Relapse Prevention

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Relapse is always a possibility for anyone in recovery. No one is above it. Part of relapse prevention is understanding what to look for and having a plan if you start to notice any of these changes creeping up. Twelve questions that someone in recovery should ask themselves regularly as part of their relapse prevention

Alcohol Relapse: It Happens

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While relapse is not a necessity it is important to realize that it does happen. How one reacts and how quickly action is taken to stop relapse and get back on the right track is extremely important. In quality drug rehab programs a client will learn how to handle a relapse if it does occur.

Strategies for a Successful Stay at Rehab

8 strategies to optimize your time in treatment, and make long-term recovery more likely.   Going into treatment for substance use is not easy. It can be scary and intimidating, there are a lot of unknowns, and many things about it are not under your control. In the end, it’s a leap of faith, and we

Confessions of an Ex-Enabler

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I’m better now, and will share some things that helped me, but those early days were tough. With the onset of my son’s heroin addiction, my first impulse was always to help him out of his messes. I’m his dad, that’s what I do. I’d jump in, try to make things better, and try to