How to Help My Wife in Recovery

husband happy after learning how to help my wife in recovery

“I need to learn how to help my wife in recovery.” It’s a question that the mental health and addiction specialists at Lakeview Health receive a lot. Drug and alcohol addiction, especially paired with mental health disorders, can be very toxic to a relationship. You may feel overwhelmed with what you must do to protect

How to Find Treatment for a Spouse

happy couple after they learned how to find treatment for a spouse

Is your spouse struggling with a mental health issue? Are they consistently using drugs and alcohol? When you are facing these concerns, you may be unsure how to find treatment for a spouse. Should they get help? How do you know where to turn? There are a lot of questions. Our team at Lakeview Health

How to Find Treatment for a Loved One

couple learning how to find treatment for a loved one

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts the lives of every member of a family. Initially, it may seem like your loved one has control and can stop. Then, they continue to use, and you watch them change in front of you. They are no longer the person they once were. You feel helpless. Learning how to

Addiction Recovery as a Tool for Mental Wellness

group therapy for addiction recovery for mental wellness

You’ve battled addiction and mental health issues. You feel positive about your future. Yet, you are also confident you need to aggressively work to maintain your mental health through your recovery. You can learn how to use what you have learned in addiction recovery as a tool for mental wellness by turning to the team

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

therapist and client discussing mental health and addiction recovery

If you have used drugs and alcohol, gone through treatment, and started on the path to recovery, you have achieved a great deal. Yet, it will always be necessary to work on maintaining this clarity and sobriety. Your mental health and addiction recovery will need to be a constant focus in your life, especially in

How to Celebrate Recovery Month

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September is National Recovery Month. During this month, addiction awareness and understanding take center stage. For those struggling with mental health or substance use disorders, it is an ideal time to take a step forward to get help from our team at Lakeview Health. For those who have achieved sobriety, celebrating recovery month is a

What Is National Recovery Month?

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National Recovery Month is something you may hear about if you are working through drug and alcohol addiction and treatment. If you have entered into recovery, you already know just how incredible the feeling is – you’ve made it. You have broken through addiction. You are working on your future now. Why not help others

How Can Alumni Help in Recovery?

group learning how can alumni help in recovery

When choosing drug and alcohol rehab, it is important to select a location that offers you many ways to heal. You don’t know what is going to play the biggest role in your recovery. For some people, it is innovative programs, like those we offer at Lakeview Health. You may want to learn more about

Common Stress Triggers

woman struggling with common stress triggers

Stress is one of the most troubling factors in the life of a person trying to stop using drugs or alcohol. Common stress triggers can make it harder for you to stay no, especially if you do not have a plan to deal with them in place. And stress is of particular concern during the

Are Addiction Treatment Centers Open?

man wonders are addiction treatment centers open during covid-19

As COVID-19 continues to affect many businesses in the United States, there are so many uncertainties around what we can and can’t do right now. Every day brings about new findings, changed protocols and guidelines, and revised timelines for openings and closings. Because of reservations around travel, questioning if it’s safe to go to a