Help a Loved One After Drug Rehab

two people holding hands as they learn how to help a loved one after drug rehab

When a loved one goes to drug rehab, you may not be sure how to help him or her. Even after the person successfully completes the treatment program, you still may not know. Learning how to help a loved one after drug rehab can ensure that they remain on the right path towards lasting recovery

Benefits of a Family Therapy Program

family holding a heart after learning the benefits of a family therapy program

Addiction, or any kind of substance- or alcohol use disorder, is always isolating. And struggling to battle addiction can make you feel that you are on your own. But by entering a quality addiction treatment program, you can get the help you need and start on the path to recovery. This means treating your chemical

Family Support for Addiction

family members benefitting from Family Support for Addiction

At Lakeview Health, we understand that addiction does not just affect the individual struggling with addiction. It harms everyone in that person’s radius, from co-workers and friends, to family members. Indeed, the family is perhaps most directly affected. This is because a family is often obliged to bear the brunt of dealing with the adverse

Do We Need Family Therapy?

group wondering Do We Need Family Therapy

The family unit is, in many ways, the critical unit of our society. Our families are with us from the beginning, and the members of a family most often support one another. But families are not always resilient enough to defend themselves against everything that comes their way. And addiction is among the most dangerous

How to Find Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

woman consoling crying daughter needing to learn how to find addiction treatment for a loved one

Nothing is more painful than watching someone you care about struggling with addiction. In addition to worrying about their well-being, it’s also very common to feel powerless. Even though you may not be the one using, the addiction is still a large part of your life. The adverse effects of addiction have been known to

Supporting a Loved One Returning From Addiction Treatment

sister hugging a Loved One Returning From Addiction Treatment

A loved one returning from addiction treatment faces a whole new set of challenges. Although it may seem they are done with treatment and maybe ‘fixed’, leaving treatment is just the first leg in an even more difficult journey to recovery. As a friend, family member, or partner, it can be difficult to navigate this

How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery

mom and daughter learning How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery

If you have been asking yourself how to support loved ones in recovery, there are several steps that you can take. It is essential to keep in mind that family members play some of the most vital roles in recovery from addiction. A strong support network is one of the pillars of a healthy, lasting

What it Means to be a Mom with Addiction

woman hugging her child trying to figure out what it means to be a mom with an addiction

Addiction is a disease that has reached epidemic proportions. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), almost one million Americans used heroin in 2016 alone; and heroin is nowhere near as apparent as the current opioid epidemic. It is one thing to struggle with addiction issues when you are on your own. But

Dad in Addiction Recovery

mom and child talking with dad in addiction recovery

Having a family member in addiction recovery is never easy – it can be even more complicated and painful when the person in recovery is someone you are very close to, like a parent. One of the most insidious myths surrounding rehabilitation and recovery is that addiction only really affects the addicted person. In reality,