Alcoholism Signs

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Addiction to alcohol is one of the most common forms of substance abuse in the United States. Due to its prevalence and the ability to purchase alcohol legally, it is easy for individuals to become addicted to alcohol. This also makes staying sober more difficult, as well. While other drugs might require an illicit purchase,

Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic

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Do you suspect a family member is a high functioning alcoholic? Would you like to get them help at a medical detox center in Jacksonville, FL, or a city close to home? Perhaps you saw the signs of a high functioning alcoholic and are ready to put alcohol abuse behind you. Well, it may be relieving

What is Krokodil?

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As drug abuse spreads, a growing number of people are asking, “What is krokodil?” Sadly, this addictive substance is killing many people and ruining lives. As a result, the men’s rehab center in Jacksonville, FL, has the necessary help for those abusing this substance. What is Krokodil? When answering the question “What is krokodil?” it is

Can You Die From Xanax Withdrawal?

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Abusing Xanax has several serious consequences, but quitting may bring its own side effects. Your mind and body might have a hard time handling these. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this experience alone. It takes incredible bravery to stand up to your addiction and fight for your life back. We’re here to help. At

OCD and Alcoholism: Do They Require Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates 9.2 million people in this country have what addiction specialists call a “dual diagnosis.” In other words, they have both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. A dual diagnosis center like Lakeview Health’s center in Jacksonville, FL, can do a full assessment to pinpoint

Is Alcohol a Depressant?

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Is alcohol dangerous? Is alcohol a depressant or a stimulant? Do I need help with alcohol abuse? These are the questions individuals tend to ask when they’re struggling with alcohol addiction. Because alcohol is a legal substance, it can take individuals some time to realize that the substance is harmful. Learning about alcohol, alcohol addiction

How Can I Help My Son Stop Drinking?

It’s a complex question that concerned parents ask themselves every day. Addiction is ravaging, living nightmare. It’s the cause of many restless nights. It’s the culprit of anxious thoughts ruminating about the very worst-case scenarios. It’s money wasted, squandered, or stolen. It’s as frustrating as it is devastating. Moreover, even though the individual may be

How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Hollywood uses broad strokes when painting the picture of alcoholism. If you watch movies or TV shows that feature alcoholics, you might think they are all unemployed, homeless, and unable to function in all situations. While that is true for many people, some function at a high level while battling alcoholism. Many functioning alcoholics maintain

How to Quit Drinking and Succeed

Wanting to quit drinking alcohol and knowing how to quit drinking are two very different things. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help individuals struggling with an addiction to alcohol through the process of detox and then rehab. Since the risks of addiction are so high, it’s vital that everyone ready to embrace sobriety

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal to Expect

Fear of the unknown is a common reason for those suffering from alcohol dependence to shy away from treatment. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, in particular, create unease among those who would benefit from professional help. Do you know what to expect? Would you be able to guide a loved one through this conversation? Understanding Symptoms